Saturday, July 17, 2010

Delcas Hotel Cuiabá

Strategically located at one of the most importante avenues from Cuiabá, Delcas hotel many access to the largers conventions center in Cuiabá, it’s industrial area, universities and about 20 to the airport of Marechal Rondon.

The Capital of Mato Grosso is known for it’s high temperature, “eco tourism” (tourism by natural enviroment), the city is situated in an area surrounded by other tourist attraction such as: Nobres (120 km), Chapadas dos Guimarães (60 km), Jaciara (140 km) and Pantanal (100 km).
Delcas Hotel provides leisure area with swimming pool, fitness center, business center and one of the most confortable enviroment that might show you enterteinement and well being.

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