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Corinthians stadium under construction in Sao Paulo may host 2014 WCup opener

SAO PAULO — A stadium in Sao Paulo being built by Corinthians may host the opening game of the 2014 World Cup.
The Brazilian Football Confederation said in a statement released late Friday that its president Ricardo Teixeira, Sao Paulo state governor Alberto Goldman and Sao Paulo city mayor Gilberto Kassab discussed staging the opener at Corinthians' stadium.
The statement said Goldman and Kassab expressed their "willingness to provide all the support necessary to have the World Cup's opening game held in Sao Paulo."
Local media says Corinthians president Andres Sanchez is expected to make an official announcement next week during the commemorations of his team's 100th anniversary.
The new stadium has been designed with a 45,000-seat capacity, but Corinthians is extending it to 65,000 in order to comply with FIFA requirements. The new stadium is expected to be concluded by early 2013 at the latest.
Sao Paulo's huge Morumbi stadium was originally scheduled to host the opening game but was dropped from the World Cup because there were not enough financial guarantees for its renovation.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rio Gunfight Sparks Brazil 2014 World Cup Security Concerns

(WFI) Brazil 2014 World Cup organisers have offered reassurances to FIFA that urban violence will not threaten the safety of the tournament following a gunfight in Rio de Janeiro at the weekend.

Ten gunmen took 30 people hostage at a luxury beachside hotel, then exchanged fire with police for hours before surrendering.

Ricardo Teixeira, president of the Brazil 2014 organising committee, said he was confident in the efforts being undertaken by the State of Rio de Janeiro to combat urban violence.

In a statement on Monday, Teixeira said he had "the utmost confidence in the power of planning, prevention and combating violence that is being led by Governor Sérgio Cabral and his security secretary Jose Mariano Beltrame".

"I can assure the sports community that the host city of Rio de Janeiro in 2014 will have the climate of normality necessary during the World Cup," said Teixeira, who is also president of the Brazilian football confederation.

Rio is also staging the 2016 Olympics. IOC spokeswoman Emmanuelle Moreau told BBC Brazil that the Brazilian city had a history of safely hosting large events, and Saturday’s gunfight did not change that. Moreau said the IOC had full confidence in Brazil’s ability to host a safe Olympics, restating comments made by its evaluation commission when inspecting Rio’s candidacy last April.

Brazilian authorities launched an aggressive campaign last year to invade Rio’s slums, drive out drug gangs and leave behind a police presence. About 10 slums are now free of gangs, the Associated Press reported.

Brazilian police will today hold their first security simulation ahead of the 2014 World Cup.

Special police units will reportedly be brought together at Sao Paulo's Pacaembu stadium, home of Corinthians football team. The security drill will include testing of crime-fighting technology such as cameras and facial biometrics systems, according to a Xinhua report.

Brazil is staging the World Cup in 12 cities.

On Monday, Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva urged Sao Paulo authorities to revive talks with FIFA to find a way for the Morumbi Stadium to be part of the World Cup.

Earlier this year, Morumbi Stadium was dropped from Brazil's list of proposed host stadia due to lack of financial guarantees for renovations to meet FIFA requirements.

"I cannot imagine a World Cup in Brazil without Sao Paulo. After the elections we will sit down with the new governor, the new president and the minister Orlando Silvato to fix this," president Lula was quoted by Globoesporte. "I support a stadium in Sao Paulo."

Last month, Sao Paulo mayor Gilberto Kassab told INSIDER he hoped to persuade FIFA to back new plans to modernise Morumbi Stadium to ensure South America's largest city played a part in the Brazil 2014 World Cup.

"We are asking FIFA to realise Morumbi Stadium as a new stadium in Sao Paulo," Kassab told INSIDER in Johannesburg at the 2014 World Cup logo launch. "I am optimistic that FIFA is going to approve proposals of how Morumbi can be renovated."

A delegation from FIFA is expected to visit Brazil in September for a check-up on 2014 preparations when more will be revealed about the Sao Paulo stadium project.

Last month, Brazilian sports minister Orlando Silva hit back at criticisms over his country’s delayed preparations for the 2014 World Cup. In May, FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke said he was “amazed” at the slow pace of change.

Silva said that FIFA would be “surprised” by Brazil’s preparations when it becomes more closely engaged with the 2014 organizers.

By INSIDER editor Mark Bisson

Renovation work begins at Maracana Stadium for 2014 World Cup in Rio

RIO DE JANEIRO — Renovation at Maracana Stadium has officially begun for the 2014 World Cup.
Some sitting sections started being removed on Tuesday, kick-starting work to make the famed venue ready for football's biggest showcase in four years.
The stadium, which is expected to host the World Cup final, will not be immediately closed, but its capacity will be reduced during the renovation.
More than 80,000 fans packed the Maracana in a Brazilian league match between Fluminense and Vasco on Sunday.
The stadium, built for the 1950 World Cup., will likely be used in the 2013 Confederations Cup.

Brazil president warns of potential problems ahead of 2014 World Cup

SAO PAULO — Brazil's president says preparations for the 2014 World Cup could be jeopardized if government officials and businessmen fail to work together in the coming years.
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said businessmen and those responsible for monitoring and executing the necessary infrastructure and stadium improvements must co-operate with each other to guarantee the country will be ready to host the tournament four years from now.
"We are going to have problems if we are not in agreement," Silva warned late Monday while meeting with members of the infrastructure sector in Sao Paulo.
Brazil needs significant upgrades to successfully host soccer's biggest showcase and many critics and even some government officials say the country needs to pick up the pace to get ready on time.
Brazil is expected to invest nearly US$20 billion in infrastructure to prepare for the World Cup, but bureaucracy — especially in bidding process and environmental licensing — may create obstacles and delay some of the necessary construction work.
Brazil has already missed a deadline to start renovating most of the 12 stadiums that will be used in the tournament. Sao Paulo, South America's largest city, is yet to present a project to replace Morumbi stadium after it was dropped because of a lack of financial guarantees.
Silva said "it would be irrational" not to have the tournament's opening match in Sao Paulo, but acknowledged that a decision on which venue would be presented to FIFA will not likely be made before Brazil's elections in October.
"Some of the (FIFA) demands are correct but some are exaggerated," said Silva, who will leave office at the end of the year. "But I think we will reach an agreement."
Brazil's Sports Minister, Orlando Silva, said FIFA officials will be in Brazil in September to inspect all venues and said it would be important for Sao Paulo to have a project in place by then.
"I hope Sao Paulo comes up with something, but I've virtually thrown (in) the towel," the minister said.
In addition to extensive improvements in infrastructure, Brazil will also have to overcome other challenges similar to the ones faced by South Africa — high crime rates, a huge disparity between rich and poor, and long distances between host cities.
On Tuesday, police underwent a series of practice drills — including anti-bomb actions — aimed at maintaining public safety inside stadiums.
Brazil will also host the Confederations Cup in 2013 and the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016.
The Brazilian soccer federation on Monday sought to offer reassurances the 2014 tournament will be unaffected by urban violence after 30 people were held hostage at a luxury tourist hotel following an intense gunfight in Rio.
The gunfight made headlines across the world, but the federation said it was "confident" that local authorities will be able to quell the violence during the month-long event in 2014.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

AFC Releases Format for 2014 FIFA WC Asian Qualifiers

In yet another development on Friday, AFC released the format for 2012 Olympic and 2014 FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifiers. Thirty-five Asian Countries will fight for the three and half slots in the men’s Olympic Football tournament from February 2011. While for the 2014 FIFA WC Qualifiers, the format will be same as 2010 WC Qualifiers.
For the London Olympic to be held in July next year, Twenty two lowest rank teams will play a home and away match in Round One and the winners will join the thirteen higher rank teams for the Second Round matches. The second round match will also be home and away playoff. Twelve team emerging winners from the Second Round will be divided into three groups with four teams each, who will also play home and away format. All the group winners qualify for the Olympic. All the second placed team will play in a round robin format and the winner will take on CAF’s representative for a place in the Olympics.
First leg of the first round will be played on February 23, 2011, while the return leg will be played on March 9, 2011. The first leg of the Second round will be played on June 19, 2011, and return leg on June 23, 2011. The third round matches will be played on September 21, 2011, November 23, November 27, February 5, 2012, February 22 and March 14. The round robin matches between the second-placed teams will be played at a centralized venue from March 25 to 29, 2012.
For the FIFA 2014 qualifiers, at least 43 teams will vie for the four and a half slot. Two preliminary rounds will be played in home and away format which will narrow down the 43 or more teams to 20. In the Third Round, these 20 teams will be divided into Five Groups with Four teams each and will play home and away matches again. The winners and runners-up from each group will advance to the fourth round after playing in a home and away format.
Ten teams in this round will be divided into two groups of five to play home and away matches. Top two teams from each group confirms their ticket to Brazil while Third-best teams from Round 4 will play home and away in Round 5 and the winner will qualify for a Round 6 playoff against a team from another continent to qualify for the FIFA World Cup.


Round 1
MD1: June 29, 2011
MD2: July 3, 2011

Round 2
July 23, 2011
MD2: July 28, 2011

Round 3
September 2, 2011
MD2: September 6, 2011
MD3: October 11, 2011
MD4: November 11, 2011
MD5: November 15, 2011
MD6: February 29, 2012

Round 4
June 3, 2012
MD2: June 8, 2012
MD3: June 12, 2012
MD4: September 11, 2012
MD5: October 16, 2012
MD6: November 14, 2012
MD7: March 26, 2013
MD8: June 4, 2013
MD9: June 11, 2013
MD10: June 18, 2013

Round 5
September 6, 2013
MD2: September 10, 2013

Round 6
October 15, 2013
MD2: November 19, 2013

Brazil faces some real issues in hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Posted By: Michael Anderson
Brazil is a country of vibrant colours and sounds. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions because of its beautiful beaches, its breathtaking landscapes and its fantastic music and dancing.
On the other hand, though, Brazil faces a lot of issues as well; prostitution is rife, child trafficking is a major issue, poverty is at high levels and there are numerous governmental hurdles to contend with. It seems that when the 2014 World Cup will be hosted in the country, a lot of infrastructure development will take place and a lot of money will be spent on revamping the major cities, but that will also bring with it the issue of the problems of the country increasing many folds. It is hoped that all these factors can be sorted out and a brilliant World Cup takes place.
The last time the World Cup was hosted in a developing country was in Mexico in 1986 and that showed just how beneficial a major event can be to the economy and people of a country. This year’s World Cup in South Africa had a similar effect on the country and its people. The increased tourism and economic benefits that were felt will help the country for many years to come. It is hoped that the same sort of effects will be felt in Brazil in four year’s time. However, the issue is that problems that currently plague the country will have to be addressed and not swept under the rug as so it often happens. It usually occurs that tourists get to see the beauty and revamped exterior of a country hosting the Cup but they fail to look at its rotting core.
At the moment, Brazil faces the major issue of revamping its stadiums for the upcoming tournament. They will have to spend a serious amount of money on upgrading the facilities if they are to be ready in time. The issue with upgrading is the fact that at the moment FIFA is not putting up the security money for the changes to be made. This will have to be sorted out between the organisers of the tournament and FIFA.
The biggest problem facing Brazil at the moment is one of child trafficking and prostitution. Prostitutes, in and around the big cities of Brazil, feel that they will be pushed even deeper underground than they already are today. With rising poverty levels and high inflation in the country, for the poor women of the slums sometimes prostitution is the only means of earning enough money to feed themselves once a day. What inadvertently will happen is that to clean up the streets, the organisers of the tournament and the government of Brazil will try to make the cities nice to look at for tourists. This will lead to serious human rights issues with prostitutes being neglected and poverty stricken.
Prostitution and child trafficking will sadly increase with an influx of tourists coming into the country for a major football tournament. The way it works in Brazil is that young women come to the big cities escaping poverty and end up in large cities such as Rio. Once there, they try to solicit or date foreign tourists who wine and dine them and if they are lucky, a marriage proposal follows and leads to a chance to leave Brazil for greener pastures in Europe. The problem with a large scale tournament taking place in the country is the fact that with an increased number of tourists, many who will be young men, prostitution will increase by a huge amount. Child trafficking to meet this extra demand of sex workers will also increase along with it because many people who like younger women will fuel the supply. It is a sad situation that the organisers and government will have to address, if they want to see a successful and prosperous tournament take place in four years time.
Hopefully, the next World Cup to take place will be just as interesting and successful as the one that happened this year in South Africa. If the issues that Brazil face can be worked out in time, people will be in for a real football treat.

Brazil to invest $18.7 bln in World Cup infrastructure

source from 
BRASILIA, July 28 (Xinhua) -- Brazil will invest 18.7 billion U.S. dollars in infrastructure for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Brazilian Minister of Sports Orlando Silva Jr. said on Wednesday.
Speaking on a tele-conference, Silva stated that these resources will fund 50 projects in 12 host cities. Nearly 78 percent of funding will be allocated by the public sector, with the remainder coming from private sector sources.
The projects discussed during the tele-conference included investments of 6.5 billion U.S. dollars to improve urban mobility, including the development of monorail lines, subways, light rail transit systems, transit terminals and other modes of transportation.
"We will work in a timely and transparent manner to prepare Brazil for the World Cup and for the future," said Silva.
Silva said: "We are focusing on sustainable development, which will not only result in a successful World Cup but also improve the country for the Brazilian people."
Silva also stressed that all planned stadiums will be completed in time for the 2014 World Cup, noting that construction has already started for the stadiums in Manaus, Cuiaba, Natal, Salvador, Belo Horizonte and Brasilia. The other six stadiums are currently under the bidding process.
In the hotel sector, the National Bank for Economic and Social Development has assigned 556 million dollars to finance new ventures or remodel hotels with better terms than the market.
To address the aviation demands posed by the mega-event, 3.1 billion dollars has been assigned to enhance 13 national airports. The federal government forecasts a 10 percent increase in traffic through Brazilian airports during the World Cup. Investment in ports will be 426 million U.S. dollars.
The federal government forecasts the 2014 World Cup to generate an additional 104 billion U.S. dollars in economic activities for Brazil.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ten to watch for 2014

news from FIFA
The internet and satellite television may have made Planet Football a smaller place, but the FIFA World Cup™ spotlight still burns with a particular intensity ensuring maximum exposure to those players who shine in its glare.

For some of the youngsters who caught the eye in South Africa, life may never be the same again. It is tempting to label them already as potential stars of Brazil 2014 though this would be tempting fate – if a week is a long time in football, then what about four years? Still it will be fascinating monitoring the progress that young guns like Thomas Muller, Andre Ayew and Giovani dos Santos make between now and 2014.
In some cases, there will be new doors opening post-South Africa and almost certainly there will be raised expectations – in the case of Muller, winner of the Hyundai Best Young Player award, those expectations will be sky-high as his thoughts start turning to the new season with his club side, Bayern Munich.
The Germany midfielder finished with not just the Best Young Player prize but also the adidas Golden Boot, having contributed five goals and three assists – not a bad way to end his breakthrough season as a top-flight footballer. Where many 20-year-olds are allowed to suffer ‘second season syndrome’ away from the spotlight, Muller will now have to continue his development back in the Bundesliga with all eyes on him.

Ozil attack
The same goes for his team-mate Mesut Ozil, who made a significant contribution to Germany’s attractive attacking football on display in South Africa. Twelve months after helping the Germany U-21s conquer Europe, his efforts in helping his country to third place have made him one of the continent’s hottest properties and he looks likely to be moving from Werder Bremen before the transfer window shuts.
A key figure in Ghana’s exciting run to the last eight was Andre Ayew, whose displays in an attacking midfield role earned him a place on the Best Young Player shortlist – he achieved an 85 per cent successful pass rate, one such ball releasing Asamoah Gyan for the last-16 winner against USA. The question now for the son of African icon Abedi Pele is whether he gets the chance to play for French title-holders Marseille this coming season or rather moves again, having spent the 2009/10 campaign on loan at Arles-Avignon.
Similar doubts surround Ghana forward Dominic Adiyiah who should be the attacking spearhead of the Black Stars’ team in Brazil four years from now. The eight-goal star of his country’s FIFA U-20 World Cup success last year, Adiyiah would have hit a winning goal against Uruguay in the quarter-finals but for Luis Suarez’s goal-line handball. It is not known yet whether he will begin his first full season in Italian football with AC Milan, or whether he will continue his education on loan elsewhere.

Mexican young guns
Where next is also a question on the mind of Giovani Dos Santos, who made such an impression for Mexico with his nimble footwork and ability to run at defenders in South Africa. The one-time Barcelona starlet ended up spending the second half of last term on loan at Galatasaray after struggling to impose himself at Tottenham Hotspur, the Premier League club he joined in 2008. It will be fascinating to see what comes next for the talented 21-year-old, just as it will be to see how his compatriot Javier Hernandez fares at his new English club, Manchester United. Mexican football fans will hope both can build on the promise they showed in South Africa given their importance to the Tricolor's future prospects.
There is another player to watch who did not actually feature for his country in South Africa, but the fact Joe Hart got no further than the England bench does not deter those who view him as the long-term answer to his country’s goalkeeping problem. Hart gave an impressive appearance in the pre-finals friendly against Japan and with David James turning 40 on 1 August and Rob Green’s reputation not helped by his high-profile error against USA, the 23-year-old looks well placed to capitalise, so long as he can build on his superb 2009/10 campaign with Birmingham City, now that he is back at Manchester City.
Of course, these are just a selection of the young guns hoping to enhance their reputations between now and Brazil 2014. From Javier Pastore, the Palermo-based playmaker of whom Argentina fans saw only glimpses in South Africa, to Chile’s exciting winger Alexis Sanchez, also based in Italy with Udinese; and from Spain winger Pedro, who capped his breakthrough season with Barcelona with a FIFA World Cup winners’ medal, to Toni Kroos, another bright young German with Bayern Munich, the list goes on.
And that is just the players who featured in South Africa. Brazilian fans could argue a case for Pato and Neymar, their own young guns, who did not feature in Dunga's 2010 FIFA World Cup team. Making predictions about the next world showpiece is evidently foolhardy but these young guns should be worth watching regardless.

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Restaurants in Porto Alegre

Al Nur
Arabic Food, Schedule: from 11h to 14h30 and from 18h30 to 23h30 (dailyt
Address: Avenida Protásio Alves, 616 - Rio Branco - Porto Alegre - Brazil

Arabic Food Schedule: from 11h30 to 14h (Thursday to Friday), from 11h30 to 15h (Saturday), from 18h30 to 23h30 (Tuesday to Sunday).
Address: Rua Dr. Timóteo, 272 - próximo à Cristóvão Colombo - Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil

German Food Schedule: from 11h30 to 14h (Monday to Friday), from 11h to 14h30 (Saturday), from 11h30 to 11h30 to 15h (Sunday), from 19h30 to 23h30 (Monday to Thursday ), from 19h30 to 24h (Friday to Saturday).
Address: Avenida Pará, 1324 - continuação da Rua Dr. Timóteo - Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil

Arabic Food Schedule: from 11h30 to 14h (Thursday to Friday), from 11h to 15h (Saturday, Sunday and holidays ), from 18h30 to 23h30 (Tuesday to Sunday).
Address: Avenida Cristóvão Colombo, 727 - Floresta - Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil

Restaurants in Rio De Janeiro

4 Estações
The restaurant is located on Barra da Tijuca nad has good views to Piedra da Gavea. It has romantic and cozy ambience, the perfect place for you. From time to time, there are events and could be reserved for particular events.
Address: Ilha da Coroa, 20 - Barra da Tijuca - Zona Oeste - RJ - Brazil

476 (Sea Food)
It was a fisher’s house that turned into a restaurant. The singular food is dishes that contain home-made seafood. The menu has prawns salads; the service is complete and Caldeirada of seafood is unique.
Address: Rua Barros Alarcão, 476 - Pedra de Guaratiba - RJ - Brazil

A Lisboeta (Portugal food)
It is traditional Portuguese restaurant with a lot of typical food of the region, quality attention.
Address: Rua Frei Caneca, 5 - Centro - RJ - Brazil

A Marisqueira (Portugal food)
It is an excellent restaurant, seafood and “calderadas” stands out and it is a must see.
Address: Rua Barata Ribeiro, 232 - Copacabana - Zona Sul - RJ - Brasil

Adega Carne-de-Sol do Peixoto
This traditional northeastern house is located in Da Tijuca neighborhood and offers to customers great proportions of this typical food. The specialty is “Carne de Sol”.
Address: Barão de Mesquita Street, 616 - Tijuca - Zona Norte - RJ - Brazil

Adega do Pimenta
Adega do Pimenta Restaurant specialized in German cuisine, open from Monday to Friday from 11:30 to 22:00 hours, Saturday from 11:30 to 20:00 and Sunday from 11:30 to 18:00 hours.
Address: R Alm Alexandrino, 296 - Sta Teresa - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil

Adega do Valentin (Portugal food)
Inaugurated in 1985, Adega do Valentin offers the most traditional Portuguese dishes which contain fish, octopus, cod, prawns and meats.
Address: Rua da Passagem, 178 - Botafogo - Zona Sul - RJ - Brazil

Al Khayam (Arabian food)
Al khayan was inaugurated in 2001. Because of having a lot of people who work in the region, it was moved to the downtown. The house stands out by offering fast food and quality food.
Address: Rua do Ouvidor, 16 Praça XV - Centro - RJ - Brazil

Alpendre restaurant offers varied and typical Brazilian food. Its owners are a couple, she is mineira and he is from Ceara. Both made a menu where they mix the best of several Brazilian states.
Address: Estrada do Sacarrão, 897 - Vargem Grande - Zona Oeste - RJ - Brazil

Amir Restaurant is specialized in Arabian food. Open from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 at 23:00 hours.
Address: R Ronald de Carvalho, 55, loja C - Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil

Arab restaurant has different menu: Arabian, judaica, marroquinas and other eastern tastes. The house was inaugurated in 1996 in Ipanena neighborhood and is in Copacabana. Among its specialties are: pan pita (prepared at the moment)
Address: Avenida Atlântica, 1935 - Copacabana - Zona Sul - RJ - Brazil

Árabe da Gavea
Árabe da Gavea is an option for people who like good attention and eat some snacks with friends. It is easy to park and has an excellent atmosphere with pleasant people. It is worth of visiting it.
Address: Marquês de São Vicente Street, 52 - Gávea - Zona Sul - RJ - Brazil

Arde Pedra
Arde Pedra Restaurant is specializes in meats, and offers it digs of wines. Open from 12:00 to 24:00 hours.
Address: R Maria Quitéria, 46 - Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil

Bar Brasil
The ambiance and the restaurant are traditional. The frost beer and the kassler are incomparable. Taste the chocolate cake with nuts and whipped cream. Don’t worry, if you are in a hurry, because the dishes are prepared fast.
Address: Av. Mem de Sá, 90 - Centro - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Bar do Ernesto (German food)
It offers excellent German food, with well prepared dishes and good attention.
Address: Largo da Lapa, 41 Centro - RJ - Brasil

Barra Brasa
Specialized in meats, Barra Brasa Restaurant count with it digs of wines. Attention from 11:30 to 24:00 hours every day.
Address: Av Ayrton Senna, 2541 - Barra da Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil

Beco do Alemão
From its inauguration, thanks to Hans Hiedel, Beco do Alemao restaurant attends cariocas during more than 20 years in Barra de Tijuca neighborhood. The restaurant offers typical German food, but also has salads buffet.
Address: Avenida das Américas, 1600 Barra da Tijuca - Zona Oeste - RJ - Brazil

Carlota Restaurant specialized in contemporary food. With creative recipes as Shrimp with risotto of ham of Parma, it follows the São Paulo's main house line.
Address: R Dias Ferreira, 64 - Leblon - Rio de Janeiro -RJ - Brasil

Churrascaria Majórica
Unlike to the rodízio system, this traditional steakhouse continues offering "a la carte" service. Highlight the "Ponta de picaña" and the "T-Bone steak". Plato a la milanesa is also exquisite. Also is available: meat, birds, shrimp and grilled fish.
Address: Rua Senador Vergueiro, 11/15 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil

Churrascaria Marius
With such abundance of salads, by several special accompanied dishes like Japanese and seafood. Great variety of meats including wild boar, alligator and frog, among others.
Address: Av. Atlântica 290-B, Leme - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil

Esplanada Grill
Esplanada Grill is a comfortable restaurant specialized in meats, also offers it digs of wines Open from 12:00 to 24:00 hours.
Address: R Br da Torre, 600 - Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil

Giuseppe Grill
With comfortable atmosphere, Giuseppe Grill Restaurant is specialized in meats and is open from Monday to Friday at 12:00 to 22:00 hours.
Address: R da Quitanda, 49 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil

This restaurant offers different dishes with the best of Peruvian food, considered one of the most delicious dishes of Latin America. The fish ceviche is a starter suggestion (pieces of fillet dish, with lemon)
Address: Rua Barão do Flamengo, 35 - Flamengo - Zona Sul - RJ - Brazil

Ipanema Mix by Bronze
With comfortable atmosphere Ipanema Mix by Bronze is specialized in contemporary cuisine. Open from Monday to Friday at 12:00 to 15:00 and at 20:00 to 1:00 hour, Saturday from 13:00 at 18:00 and at 20:00 to 2:00 hours and Sunday at 13:00 to 18:00 hours.
Address: R Br da Torre, 368 - Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil

Our restaurant is specialized in meats and works from 12:00 to 24:00 hours.
Address: R Sen Vergueiro, 11/15 - Flamengo - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil

Natraj (Indiana)
Natraj has the most typical food of Rio de Janeiro, with well seasoning that make delicious dishes. The seasoning is done bay the customers, since each one ha its own mix of tastes.
Address: Avenida General San Martin, 1219 - Leblon - Zona Sul - RJ - Brasil

Ponderox Restaurant specialized in meats, it counts with excellent wines and is open from 12:00 to 24:00 hours.
Address: Av das Américas, 7777 -R Design Barra- 3º p -B Tijuca- Rio de Janeiro-RJ-Brasil

It is located in Botafogo neighborhood, inaugurated in 1983 and is the oldest Indian restaurant of Brazil. The ambiance is traditionally decorated according the country.
Address: Rua General Polidoro, 29 - Botafogo - Zona Sul - RJ - Brazil

Royal Grill
Royal Grill is a comfortable Restaurant specializes in meats, it counts with it digs of own wines and works from 12:00 to 24:00 hours.
Address: Av Ayrton Senna, 2150, bl G, lj A (C Shop) -B Tijuca- Rio de Janeiro- RJ- Brasil

Siri Mole & Cia.
Siri Mole & Co Restaurant is specialized in food from Bahia. Open on Monday from 18:00 to 24:00, Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 at 24:00 hours.
Address: R Francisco Otaviano, 50 - Arpoador - Rio de janeiro - RJ - Brasil

Restaurants in Salvador

The restaurant ambiance is decorated with old furniture and pictures, is placed in a house of Villa de Arembepe. At night, the romantic ambiance of the mezzanine is appropriated for couples. The starter suggestion is the prawn with tapioca.
Address: Rua do Piruí ,34 - Praia do Piruí, Arembepe - Salvador - BA - Brazil

The Agdá Restaurant is specialized in regional kitchen and has own parking. Its assists Monday from 11:30 to 16:00 and of Tuesday to Sunday of 11.30 at 23:30 hours.
Address: R Orlando Moscoso, 1/Av Ot Mangabeira - Praia dos Artistas- Salvador -BA- Brasil

The Axego Restaurant specializes in regional kitchen. Its assists from 12:00 to 24:00 hours.
Address: R João de Deus, 1, 1º - Pelourinho - Salvador - BA - Brasil

Babagula (Meat)
The restaurant of barbecued meat belong to porcao group has a comfortable bar with events room for executives and flat screen. The attention is fast and functions electronically. At weekend, the waiters attend you offering to 32 meat varieties.
Address: Avenida Octávio Mangabeira ,7689 – Praia do Corsário - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Baby Beef Grill
The special Meats, with cuts and exclusive seasonings, do of the kitchen a true gastronomic exposition.
Address: Centro de Convenções da Bahia, 1. piso - Jd. Armação - Savador - BA

The typical nor east food of Brazil is the strong of the house. Has the Moqueca of shrimp, the grill mixt of fish and the Moqueca mixt of badejo and lobster. The style of the restaurant is modern, and the decoration is made of wood and has a garden.
Address: Rua P, Quadra 43, lotes 18 e 19 - Jd. Armação – Savador - BA

It was founded 40 years ago, and continues being a referent point. The privileged location, the view to the Farol de la Barra, makes this a crowded place at dusk. The menu consists of typical dishes, and some international specialties.
Address: Avenida Oceânica ,814 - Barra - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Bêco de Rosália
The menu consists of eleven pizza varieties and other food like soups and snacks. The pizza dough is original. We suggest you taste the pepperoni pizza with red pepper and muzarella cheese.
Address: Rua General Labatut ,137 - Barris - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Bella Napoli (Italian food)
It has a pleasant ambiance, good attention and well done dishes.
Address: Alameda das Espatódeas ,491 – Caminho das Arvores - BA - Brazil

Bistrô PortoSol (Australian- Hungarian)
The kitchen is overlooking the restaurant, is decorated with fifties films posters. The main specialty is ham with potatoes and spicy mashes apples. The menu also consists of vegetarian recipes like gulash of mushrooms.
Address: Rua César Zama ,51 - Porto da Barra - Barra - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Boi Preto (Meat)
The restaurant waiters will offer you risottos of prawns and fillet with mushrooms, and 20 kinds of meat. The novelty dishes are “french rack” of lamb and the exotic ostrich thighs with barbecue sauce.
Address: Avenida Octávio Mangabeira ,s/nº - Boca do Rio - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Califa (Árabe)
This place offers snacks and Arabian food, stands out in fast food in the shopping. The client can chose a fast food, prepared in the buffet, in the restaurant area; or chose á la carte inside it.
Address: Avenida Centenário ,2992 - Shopping Barra - Barra - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Cheiro de Pizza
The pizza has excellent service to clients. In the store in Pitaba, children have a games room. The menu consists of creating your own pizza recipes.
Address: Avenida Vasco da Gama ,s/nº - Dique do Tororó - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Chez Bernard
Traditional french restaurant, functions since 1963, then was opened once with modern installations.Its architectonic project makes it bigger and has a beautiful view to Bahia de Todos Santos.The main dish suggestion is the duck, one of the french special
Address: Rua Gamboa de Cima,11 – Bairro dos Aflitos - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Conventual (Portuguese)
It is a restaurant in a Carmelita convent of 1956. Its main dish mixes Portuguese contemporary and regional food.
Address: Alameda das Espatódeas 491 – Camino das Árvores - Salvador - BA - Brazil

De Comer
Specialized in regional kitchen, the De Comer Restaurant assists Thursday and Friday from 18:30 to 24:00,
Saturday of 12:00 to 24:00 and Sunday of 12:00 at 20:00 hours. Its also offers transportation to the near hotels.
Address: R Boa Vista, 49 - Itapuã - Salvador - BA - Brasil

Dona Chika-ká
The Dona Chika-ká Restaurant assists from Monday to Saturday from 18:00 to 1:00 hour. Their specialty is the regional kitchen.
Address: R J Castro Rabelo, 10 - Pelourinho - Salvador - BA - Brasil

Graccias a la Vida
It offers delicious food of Bahía/Brazilian, typical dishes.
Address: Loteamento Dourado - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Jardim das Delícias
The Jardim das Delícias Restaurant is specialized in regional kitchen and has pleasant atmosphere. Its assists from 12:00 to 24:00 hours and serves sarapatel, smoky meat, moqueca and cocada of green coconut among other things.
Address: R João de Deus, 12 - Pelourinho - Salvador - BA - Brasil

The Kil's Restaurant is specialized in German cuisine. Its assists from Tuesday to Friday from 16:30 to 24:00, Saturday of 11:00 to 1:00 and Sunday of 11:00 at 20:00 hours.
Address: Av Iemanjá, 37/ Av Otávio Mangabeira - Boca do Rio - Salvador -BA- Brasil

The Matsuri Restaurant is specialized in Asian cuisine and possesses a dig of wines. With own parking, its assists from 12:00 to 24:00 hours.
Address: R Adelaide Fernandes da Costa - Costa Azul - Salvador - BA - Brasil

O Coliseu (Baiana food)
It is a beautiful place for enjoying, taste typical and international food, folkloric shows.
Address: Lgo Cruzeiro São Francisco, 9/ 13 - Pelourinho - Salvador - BA
Paraíso Tropical
The Paraíso Tropical Restaurant is specialized in regional food. Assists from 12:00 to 23:00 hours. Highlight for the moqueca and the caipira chicken.
Address: R Feira de Santana, 354 - Prq. Cruz Aguiar - Rio Vermelho -Salvador- BA - Brasil

The balcony overlooking the sea with colorful large pillows is the most preferred area, considered the best place to taste snacks in the city, the prawns pie with catupiry cheese are crispy, with chop in its traditional size.
Address: Avenida Sete de Setembro, 3959 - Barra - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Piola (Pizzas)
It is in San Salvador city, the restaurant that introduces the modern way to eat pizza, located in a singular construction like a pyramid. You will taste pizza listening electronic music of dance floor.
Address: Rua Conselheiro Pedro Luís ,116 – Rio Vermelho - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Soho (Japonese food)
It offers varied menu, good food, well decorated ambiance, fast attention and wonderful view.
Address: Avenida Contorno,1010 - Bahia Marina - Comercio - Salvador - BA - Brazil
Trapiche Adelaide
The Trapiche Adelaide restaurant has very comfortable environment, dig of wines and own parking. It serves a delicious shrimp with damask sauce, almonds and pineapple
Address: Av Contorno/Pça dos Tupinambás, 2 - C Baixa - Comércio - Salvador - BA - Brasil

Viña del Mar
The Viña del Mar Restaurant serves varied food. It counts with dig of wines and own parking. Assists from Monday to Wednesday from 12 to 17:00, Thursday and Friday of 12 at 16:00 and of 19 at 24:00 hours, Saturday of 12 to 24:00 and Sunday of 12 at 17:00
Address: Av Contorno, 1010 - Bahia Marina - Comércio - Salvador - BA - Brasil

The specialty of the Yemanjá restaurant is the moqueca: special highlights for the shrimp moquecas, fish and pan of shellfish of soft shell (siri-mole). Its assists from 11:30 to 24:00 hours.
Address: Av Otávio Mangabeira, 4655 - Praia de Jd de Armação - Salvador - BA - Brasil

Restaurants in Sao Paulo

348 Parrilla Porteña
348 Buenos Aires Grill Restaurant is specialized in Argentinean cuisine, possesses own parking lot and it assists from Tuesday to Friday from 12:00 to 15:30 and of 19:00 at 24:00, Saturday of 12:00 to 24:00 and Sunday of 12:00 at 18:00 hours.
Address: R Com. Miguel Calfat, 348 - V Olímpia - São Paulo - SP - Brasil

In spite of its countryside restaurant facade, only people who already tasted the dishes know that it offers excellent attention and delicious food and well seasoned.
Address: R. Miller, 622 - Brás - São Paulo - SP

It is a traditional Arabian restaurant, strategically located in the downtown where it is possible to taste the original Arabian food.
Address: R. Basílio da Gama, 70 - Centro - São Paulo – SP

Restaurant Amadeus specialized in sea fruits, offers exquisite plates to good price and quality.
Address: R. Haddock Lobo 807 - São Paulo - SP – Brasil

América is a traditional restaurant, close to Paulista Avenue, offers good salads, buffet lunch and dishes with combined ingredients.
Address: Al. Santos, 957 Jardim Paulista - Zona Sul - São Paulo - SP - Brazil

Arábia Restaurant, it is a specialized restaurant in Arabian food, like as the michui lamb and its famous Moroccan cuscuz, served on Saturdays. Come to us and also will be able to know our winter garden.
Address: R Haddock Lobo, 1397 - Cerqueira César - São Paulo - SP - Brasil

Arguile (Árabe)
It is the best place for people who love Arabian food, come to Arguile the food is really delicious, and the buffet and the prices are good. It is worth of being visited.
Address: Al. Santos, 1187 Cerqueira César - Zona Sul - São Paulo - SP - Brasil

Arnold's Naschbar
The Arnold' s Naschbar Restaurant specializes in German kitchen, with good service, attends from Tuesday to Friday of 18:00 to 22:00 hours, Saturday of 12:00 to 16:00 and of 18:00 to 23:00 hours and Sunday of 12:00 to 16:00 hours.
Address: R Pereira Leite, 98 - Sumarezinho - São Paulo - SP - Brasil

Arzi Restaurante e Buffet
It is the perfect place, if you want to enjoy an authentic Arabian food with good attention and excellent prices.
Address: R. Rubino de Oliveira, 155 - Brás - Zona Norte - São Paulo

Attallah (Arabian)
The “kibe” stuffed with nuts and mint is one of the best dishes in the local. The other options are also excellent and have reasonable prices.
Address: R. Domingos de Moraes, 86/90 - Paraíso - São Paulo

Baalbeck Restaurant specializes in Arab cuisine. Works from Monday to Friday of in a wide schedule: of 8:00 to 21:00 hours and Saturday of 8:00 at 18:00 hours.
Address: Al Lorena, 1330 - Cerqueira César - São Paulo - SP - Brasil

The Bierquelle Restaurant specializes themselves in German kitchen, one of their characteristics, is the elaboration of delicious stuffed, accompanied by a series of natural elements that do of its food a true pleasure.
Address: Av. Aratãs, 801 - Moema - São Paulo - SP - Brasil

Brasserie Victoria
Brasserie Victoria has as specialty the Arab cuisine and assists from Monday to Saturday from 11:30 to 23:00 hours and Sunday of 10:00 at 22:30 hours.
Address: Av Pres Juscelino Kubitschek, 545 - Itaim Bibi -São Paulo -SP- Brasil

Buenos Aires Classic
Buenos Aires Classic is a comfortable restaurant specialized in Argentinean cuisine. Attention Monday from 12:00 to 15:30, Tuesday to Saturday from 12 to 15:00 and from 19:30 to 1:00, Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00 and from 19:00 to 24:00 hours
Address: R Bandeira Paulista, 520 - Itaim Bibi - São Paulo - SP - Brasil

Café Arábia
It is a cozy place in Higienopolis neighborhood, it is possible to enjoy from Arabian food to a delicious coffee.
Address: Pça. Vilaboim, 73 Higienópolis - São Paulo

Casa Garabed
Casa Garabed Restaurant, specialized in Arab cuisine, it is known by its esfiha, elaborated in firewood oven. It assists from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 21:00 hours.
Address: R José Margarido, 216 - Santana - São Paulo - SP - Brasil

Die Meister Stube
The Die Meister Stube, restaurant of German kitchen, attends from Monday to Saturday of 12:00 to 24:00 hours and Sunday of 12:00 to 23:00 hours.
Address: R Br do Triunfo 1213 (Clube Kolpinghaus)(Campo Belo)-São Paulo-SP-Brasil

Dr Tchê La Parrilla de La Villa
Dr Tchê La Parrilla de La Villa Restaurant, specialized grill and Argentinean cuisine, roasts the meat before the client, and it has an incredible chimichurri. It works from Tuesday to Saturday of 12 at 15:00 and of 18 to 23:00 hours and Sunday of 12 at 1
Address: R França Pinto, 489 - V. Mariana - São Paulo - SP - Brasil

Espaço Arabe
Espaco Árabe restaurant is a big and cozy local, with good attention and different menus, opened esfihas, fried quibe and a combination of salads and mini “croutons” of Arabian bread.
Address: R. Oscar Freire, 168 Cerqueira César - Zona Sul - São Paulo - SP - Brazil

Estación Sur
Specialized in Argentinean cuisine, the Estación Sur Restaurant has comfortable facilities and it assists from Tuesday to Friday from 12:00 to 15:00 hours and of 19:00 at 24:00 hours, Saturday of 12:00 to 24:00 hours and Sunday of 12:00 at 17:00 hours.
Address: Al Joaquim Eugênio de Lima, 1396 - Jardim Paulista - São Paulo - SP - Brasil

The specialty of the Farabbud Restaurant is the Arab cuisine. It possesses own parking lot and assists from Monday to Thursday from 12:00 to 21:30; Friday and Saturday of 12:00 at 22:00 hours; and Sunday of 12:00 at 17:00 hours.
Address: Al dos Anapurus, 1253 - Moema - São Paulo - SP- Brasil

Folha de Uva
Folha de Uva Restaurant specializes in Arab cuisine. For your comfort, it possesses own parking lot and assists from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 to 23:30 hours and Sunday of 11:00 at 17:00 hours.
Address: R Bela Cintra, 1435 - Cerqueira César - São Paulo - SP - Brasil

It has good location, delicious and Arabian tastes.
Address: Al. Gabriel Monteiro da Silva 1424 - Jardim América - São Paulo

Halim (Árabe)
It is a simple restaurant with good food, excellent prices. There are not very common dishes as sirio sausage of lamb and the delicious Uzi.
Address: R. Dr Rafael de Barros, 64 Paraíso - São Paulo

It offers a unique menu, a travel to American thematic snacks, in the center of Chácara Santo Antonio. It is worth of being visited because of the waitress charm attention.
Address: Rua José Guerra, 111 Chácara Santo Antônio - Zona Sul - São Paulo - SP - Brazil

Hot Hamburgueria
It is a very good bar, has excellent infrastructure, good location and so popular, where people will feel comfortable.
Address: Av. Pres Juscelino Kubstichek, 201 - Itaim Bibi - Zona Sul - São Paulo - Brazil

The “kibe” stuffed with nuts and mint is one of the best dishes in the local. The other options are also excellent and have reasonable prices.
Address: R. Domingos de Moraes, 86/90 - Paraíso - São Paulo
Jacob Restaurant
It is in the downtown, offers quality, tradition, attention and the pleasure to discover the real taste of Arabian food.
Address: R. 25 de março 976, casa 8 – Centro - São Paulo

It has a cozy atmosphere, German specialty with excellent attention and good prices.
Address: Rua: Min. José Gallotti, 134 Vila Cordeiro - Zona Sul - São Paulo - SP - Brazil

Kebab Salonu
It is located in the downtown, where you will appreciate the authentic Arabian food.
Address: R. Augusta, 1416 - Consolação - São Paulo

Restaurants in Recife

The name Leite also means "milk" in Portuguese, but the restaurant was named after its founder, Armando Manoel Leite da França; mr. Leite, a Portuguese immigrant, established a small kioske back in 1882, which changed ownership a few times and evolved to become the restaurant today.
over these 124 years, Leite has been a meeting point of the important persons of Recife and Pernambuco; among the important visitors, one can mention Orson Welles and Jean Paul Sartre.
Suggested dish: giant shrimp grilled on the butter. A regional desert called cartola (a banana topped with a slice of cheese, baked with sugar and cinnamon) is a must.
Address: Praça Joaquim Nabuco, 147, Santo Antônio, 3224-7977 (180 seats).
Opening hours: Sun - Fri: 11:30am-4pm.
Established in 1882.

Oficina do Sabor
The chef, César Santos, was elected Chef of the Year 2005 in Pernambuco.
César combines seafood, meat and regional ingredients in his recipes. A suggested dish is Camarão no Forró (shrimp in forró): shrimp with pepper, mustard, mint and a sauce of mango, passion fruit and coconut.
Address: Rua do Amparo, 335, Olinda, 3429-3331 (120 seats).
Opening hours: Tue - Thu: noon-4pm and 6pm-0am; Sat: noon-1am; Sun: noon-5pm.
Established in 1992.
Other regional cuisine restaurants.

High quality ingredients and a well prepared staff. Porcão has also branches in Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Belo Horizonte and Miami. Besides loads of meat, customers may also help themselves in a buffet of salads, seafood and sushi.
The restaurant offers pick up service at the major hotels in Recife.
Address: Avenida Engenheiro Domingos Ferreira, 4215, Boa Viagem, 3465-3999 (260 seats).
Opening hours: Tue - Thu: noon-0:30am; Fri - Sat: noon-last client; Sun: noon-0:30am.
Established in 1989.
Other churrasco restaurants.

Bargaço is specialized in fish and seafood prepared the Bahia way: the moquecas (pieces of fish or shrimp stewed with vegetables and coconut milk) are simply delicious. Expect queues on weekends.
Address: Avenida Boa Viagem, 670, Boa Viagem, 3465-1847 (150 seats).
Opening hours: Sun - Thu: noon-0am; Fri - Sat: noon-1am.
Established in 1990.
Other fish and seafood restaurants.

Quina do Futuro
The menu lists 130 options. The chef Shigeru Matsumoto created some sushis which combine traditional Japanese fish and regional ingredients.
Address: Rua Xavier Marques, 134, Aflitos, 3241-9589 (114 seats).
Opening hours: Mon - Thu: 11:30am-3pm and 6pm-0am; Fri: 11:30am-3pm and 6pm-1am; Sat: noon-3:30pm and 6pm-1am.
Established in 1986.
Other Japanese restaurants in Recife.

Chez Georges
The Swiss chef George Trevoz is another one to use regional ingredients to improve his original dishes. Also, the decoration of the restaurant is composed of handicrafts coming from several parts of Pernambuco (the pieces are for sale).
Address: Avenida Boa Viagem, 1906, Beach Class, Boa Viagem, 3326-1879 (130 seats).
Opening hours: Breakfast: 6am-10am, everyday; Lunch: 12:30pm-15:30pm, everyday; Dinner: Sun-Thu: 7pm-0am; Fri-Sat: 7pm-1am.
Established in 2003.

All the pasta is prepared in house, and kept in olive oil until being cooked.
There are some fast-food Buongustaio in the major shopping centers, but the variety and quality of dishes is not the same as in the main restaurant.
Address: Avenida Engenheiro Domingos Ferreira, 467, Boa Viagem, 3327-5001 (136 seats).
Opening hours: Lunch: Wed - Fri: noon-3pm; Sun: noon-4pm; Dinner: Mon - Wed: 7pm-0am; Thu - Sat: 7pm-1am.
Established in 1989.
Other Italian restaurants.

The cuisine is commanded by chef Mario Tomaselli; to guarantee freshness, he grows some ingredients at the backyard of the restaurant. Two restaurants in Recife; the house in Boa Viagem has piano music from Tuesday to Saturday.
Address 1: Rua Conselheiro Portela, 536, Espinheiro, 3427-3710 (185 seats).
Address 2: Rua Frei Leandro, 50, Boa Viagem, 3326-2604 (90 seats).
Opening hours: Sun - Thu (closed on Mondays): 6pm-0am; Fri - Sat: 6pm-1am.
Established in 1994.

There are five branches of Chinatown in Recife, and other nine branches in the neighbour cities and States.
The restaurant offers dishes from several regions of China.
Address (main restaurant): Rua dos Navegantes, 1213, Boa Viagem, 3465-1159 (60 seats).
Opening hours: Mon - Sat: noon-3pm and 6:30pm-11pm; Sun: noon-11pm.
Established in 1978.
Other Chinese restaurants in Recife.

Tasca is the name of the small, cozy restaurants which exist in Portugal.
Several codfish options. The decoration reminds of Portugal.
Address: Rua Dom José Lopes, 165, Boa Viagem, 3326-6309 (64 seats).
Opening hours: Closed Mondays. Tue - Wed: 6:30pm-0am. Thu: 6:30pm-0:30am. Fri - Sat: 6:30pm-2am.
Established in 1980.

Famiglia Giuliano
The restaurant building is a replica of a medieval castle.
Famiglia is an Italian restaurant, but on Wednesdays and Saturdays they serve a buffet of feijoada, considered by Veja the best in Recife. The several pork parts are kept in separated clay pots, and customers take only what they like.
Address: Avenida Engenheiro Domingos Ferreira, 3980, Boa Viagem, 3465-9922 (270 seats).
Opening hours: 11:30am-1am, everyday.
Established in 1988.

Restaurants in Natal

Tábua de Carne
Av. Eng. Roberto Freire, 3241
Ponta Negra - Phone 3642-1236

Farofa D'Agua
Av. Eng. Roberto Freire, 8353
Update 2006. This restaurant re-opened in Ponta Negra. We are planning to visit it and post a report.
Notice: one of the most popular restaurants in Natal, Farofa D´água closed doors late 2004. At the same place, there is now a churrasco place, called Churrascaria Pantanal. Check out the section about Brazilian food

The decoration is inspired in a country side house: big wooden tables (which you will share with strangers at busy hours), clay pots, staff dressed in tipical clothes, several objects hanging off the ceiling.
Av. Amintas Barros, 2593
Lagoa Nova - Phone 206-3344

Av. Afonso Pena, 892
Tirol - Phone 211-4229

Farol Bar e Restaurante
This place is close to the sea; depending on the tide level, the waves break against the rocks, and you can feel the drops wetting your clothes.
Av. Gov. Silvio Pedrosa, 105
Areia Preta - Phone 202-2005

Sabor Regional
Rua Fabricio Pedrosa, 45
Praia dos Artistas - Phone 202-4407


Rota do Sol, 2316
Ponta Negra - Phone 3219-4081
All you can eat, churrasco. The best of this kind in Natal.
Prices in Dec 2003 were about R$29 per adult and R$15 per child up to 10 years old; drinks and deserts are not included. Price includes a help-yourself buffet with a good selection of salads and vegetables, and good churrasco.

Churrascaria Pantanal
Av. Eng. Roberto Freire, 8353
Decoration is a little rustic, but the quality is OK, and prices are hard to beat: if you want to include picanha, price is R$17 per person (January 2005); if you can do without picanha, price is R$12 per person (children up to 10 pay half price). Given the large variety of choices, one shouldn´t miss the picanha.

Picanha Bar & Cia
Av. Praia de Ponta Negra, 8876 - near Praia Shopping
Specialty is picanha. They serve also cheaper executive meals during the week days.
Good, not expensive place. A meal for a small family (2+2), including drinks (beer and cokes) goes for about R$ 50.
The owner seems to be an appreciator of picanha himself. The meat is prepared in skews; the meat is slice on your table, then returns to the fire (keepts it warm); you can either choose a pre-selected set of garnishments (rice, beans, french fries, onion) or orther each one separately.

Bari Palesi
Av. Engenheiro Roberto Freire, 2963
Best feijoada in town.
Capim Macio (across the street from shopping center Cidade Jardim)
Feijoada everyday. Pay a fixed price (around US$5) and eat as much as you can. The pieces (beans, sausage, ears, etc) are in different pots, you take only what you like.

Manary Restaurant
Located inside the Manary Hotel.
The feijoada is advertised as specialty, but didn't impress us much. There seem to be good options of fish and seafood, though.

Mina D'Água.
Restaurante Mineiro: a restaurant serving food from the State of Minas Gerais.
Natal has very few mineiro restaurants; but even if there were many more, it would be difficult to beat this one.

Moqueca Capixaba
Av. Governador Silvio Pedrosa, 266
Areia Preta
A board outside says they have 42 different sea-food options. The name means "moqueca from the state of Espirito Santo", which is prepared with different condiments than the original version from Bahia.

Dunas Shopping.
This is a shopping center in Ponta Negra, a bit distant of the tourist path; this means that food here is much cheaper. Read our report about the restaurants in the Dunas Shopping.

Av. Sen. Salgado Filho, 1773
Lagoa Nova - Phone 206 - 6266
This restaurant is inside Hotel Residence, open to the public.
Although they advertise themselves as sea food restaurant, they have a varied international cuisine. Of particular interest is the feijoada on Saturdays.


Av. Eng. Roberto Freire, 4
Ponta Negra - Phone 3219-3551

Don Vincenzo
Av. Erivan Franca, 3318
Ponta Negra - Phone 3219-2667

Famiglia Reis Magos
Av. Engenheiro Roberto Freire, 1482 - Capim Macio
Phone 3221-4263
Serving all kind of Italian food. Good selection of wines. They also have a buffet service with cheese, salami, pickles, etc.
Pizzas are particularly cheap, if compared to other pizzeries in Natal.

Cipó Brasil
Two restaurants: one at the Ponta Negra beach and other near Albergue Lua Cheia (also in Ponta Negra)
One of the best pizzas in Natal. Notice: pizzas are small (there is only one size, which they call "big", but barely enough for a small family of two adults and two children) and thin (you can ask the waiter to have them a bit thicker) and expensive (compared to other places).

Av. Praia de Genipabu, 2101 (street beside Praia Shopping)
Ponta Negra - Phone 3219-4892

Only Pizza
During lunch, Only Pizza offers one of the best self service menu in Ponta Negra; price is above average of other self service restaurants, but quality is much better.
Also, Only Pizza offers delivery service, good option if you are in Ponta Negra or Via Costeira.
Av. Eng. Roberto Freire, 5896
Ponta Negra - Phone 3219-4500

Piazzale Italia
R. Deputado Antonio Florencio de Queiroz, 12 (Rota do Sol)
Very easy to miss the entrance. This restaurant is right beside Terere. Pizza is good.
Ponta Negra - Phone 3236-2697

#1 Av. Eng. Roberto Freire, 9102
Ponta Negra - Phone 3219-0012
#2 Av. Rodrigues Alves, 433
Petropolis - Phone 3219-3551

Bella Napoli
Av. Hermes da Fonseca, 960
Tirol - Phone 3222-9964

Av. Praia de Ponta Negra, 8908 - near Praia Shopping
Ponta Negra - Phone 3236-3688
They claim to be the only pizzerie in Natal which makes pizzas the Napolitan way. I was not particularly impressed with the pizzas, but it was OK.

Buongustaio especializes in high quality pasta, made with quality (imported from Italy) ingredients.
There is also a fast food shop at Natal Shopping, with more limited choices.
Av. Afonso Pena, 395
Petropolis - Phone 3202 - 1143

Restaurants in Manaus

It mostly looks for the special cuts of meat, the t-bone, prime rib, lamb ribs and picaña baby. It is possible to combine among meats to the grill with the buffet of salads that has forty options.
Address: Avenida Djalma Batista, 1661 - Shopping Millenium - Manaus AM - Brazil

Address: Rua Pará, 555 - Bairro Vieiralves - Manaus -AM - Brazil

Bistrô Ananã
Among the main dishes, the newest inventions are the duck cannelloni with sauce tapereba and the pirarucu hamburger with sauce of butter accompanied by a trio of potatoes and uarini flour.
Address: Travessa Padre Ghisland, 132 - Centro - Manaus - MA - Brasil

Shin Suzuran
The chef creates dishes with native products of Amazonian, as the Vitoria-regia (fried tucunare with leaves of algae and ginger). The main course of the house is those combined of sushi and sashimi served in wooden enormous boats.
Address: Avenida Djalma Batista, 3694 - Bairro Parque 10 - Manaus Am - Brazil

Távola Redonda
For the second consecutive year, the pizzeria is considered the best of the city. There are three available ovens that roast twelve pizzas at the same time, in approximately three minutes. They are 150 pizzas made per day.
Address: Avenida André Araújo, 1603 - Bairro Aleixo - Manaus - AM - Brazil

Waku Sese
Açai continues being the most preferred fruit and it is served with diverse ingredients, among them the granola, banana, guarana syrup, sugar moraine or organic. They are 19 versions for the tapioquinha between sweet and salted.
Address: Rua Rio Purus, 260 - Bairro Adrianópolis - Mauas - AM - Brazil

Restaurants in Fortaleza

A Tasca do Marques
The traditional bolinho of cod is a good starter. There are also Portuguese sausage with black olives and Portuguese bread. Then, the suggestion is the fried seafood (octopus, prawns, lobsters and fish) with caper sausage.
Address: Rua dos Tabajaras ,429 - casa 2 - Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

Ai Sassi
The peixada d´icarema consists on seafood cooked in special sausage and is served with white rice and soute potato. But the pizzas of fine pastry baked in the wood-fired oven stand out among the specialties.
Address: Rua João Cordeiro ,44 - Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

Alfredo, o Rei da peixada
The restaurant has fifteen years of service, in 2008, one of the reasons to attract to a lot of Brazilian and foreign tourists the whole year for tasting its traditional peixada. Its menu contains varieties of seafood.
Address: Avenida Beira Mar ,4616 - Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

Alpendre da Villa
The snacks suggestion is the filet with potatoes. The "carne de sol" in butter is served with slices of onions and baiao de dois, yucca and pazoca, is one of the most preferred dishes.
Address: Rua Armando Monteiro ,555 - Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

Arabian Grill
It offers sandwiches in Syrian bread, quibes, tabuas, charutis and tabule. Don´t lost the opportunity to eat the traditional Arabian esfihas and the Arabian tabua that it is served with caftas, two Syrian breads, tabule and pasta of grao de bico, aubergin
Address: Av. Washington Soares ,85 - loja 341, Shopping Iguatemi - Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

Cantinho do Faustino
Simple environment, excellent service, creative recipies made of regional ingredients. Kid with brocoli rice, Prawn moqueca and lobster with dendé farofa(tapioca flour with dendé). Open: Tue to Fri since 12h-15h, 19h- 24h, Sat 12h-13h, Sundays 11h-16h.
Address: R. Delmiro Gouveia 1520, Varjota - Fortaleza - Ceara- Brazil

Cemoara Frutos do Mar
Besides the famous moquecas that are prepared according the traditional baiana recipe, the prawn in flambé coconut cooked with coconut milk and fine herbes, is served in the same coconut with creamed potatoes and marmalade of acerola.
Address: Rua Joaquim Nabuco ,166 - Hotel Mercure Meireles - Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

Colher de Pau
Meet speciality, “Carne de sol” fried in butterand served by baiao-de-dois(green beans, rice, cream, and curdle chessee cooked toguether), Lamb-rice and cearense fish other tasty suggestions. Attention: 11:00 to 24:00.
Address: R. Frederico Borges 204, Varjota - Fortaleza - Ceará - Brazil

Le Diner
In the main dishes of the menu, the most traditional dish is the crunchy duck with ginger and colorful rice; this is tasted by the oldest clients. Other suggestion is the pear cooked with honey and cream of mint, and the handmade ice cream.
Address: Avenida Santos Dumont ,3636 - Fortaleza - CE - Brasil

Le Parisien
The chef recommends starting to eat the sauté mussels; then, the duck with sausage of orange juice coated with caramel and risotto of parmesan cheese.
Address: Avenida Júlio Abreu ,131 - Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

Marcel (Hotel Holiday Inn)
Paulisanta house subsidiary famous by its suflés and the classic line menu, the specialities fish and sea fruits as the grilled cooked with butter, garlic and fine herbs.Attentionn: Mon. to Fri. since 12h-14h30, Sat. since 19h-01h and Sun. since 12h-16h.
Address: Raimundo Girao 800, Praia de Iracema - Fortaleza - Ceará - Brazil

Mucuripe Grill
The feijoada of the hotel is famous, includes twenty meats and other delights, among the forty kinds of salads and cheeses. The house adds handmade pastries and risottos to its menu.
Address: Avenida Beira Mar ,3980 - Fortaleza - CE - Brasil

Murano Grill
Its menu contains "bife de chorizo", ojo de, bife de tira, picaña and lamb. They are served with what the client chooses. The suggestions are the biro-biro rice, the spaghetti with garlic, and the risotto of fungi.
Address: Rua Desembargador Moreira ,1763 - Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

Nostradamus (Flat Parthenon Meireles)
Sophisticated environment and a special menu with a contemporary touch. Duck Anatthigh with potatoes cooked in pisstachio nut juice, lightly fried prawn cooked in honey juice and risoto de rúcula oil. Attention Mondays to Saturday since 19:00 to 24:00.
Address: R. Joaquim Nabuco 166, Meireles - Fortaleza - Ceara- Brazil

Restaurants in Curitiba

A Torta Bistrô
It is only one of the modifications introduced by the new owner. The executive buffet includes twelve salads, fifteen hot dishes, two kinds of meat and a fish option, and several sauces, as the foie gras.
Address: Rua Padre Chagas ,217 - Moinho de Vento - Curitiba - PR - Brazil

Al Dente
One of the starter options is the caprese salad, with tomatoes, mozzarella, oregano and olive oil. Among the main dishes are the spaghetti al dente covered by vodka sausage, mushrooms and cream for two persons.
Address: Rua Mata Bacelar ,210 - Auxiliadora - Curitiba - Brazil

Among the novelties, the suggestion is the salad with quinua real na morango, with pears, smoked breast, raisins and chestnuts. The jelly role of carrot is also preferred, broccolis, cheeses, apple pies and so on.
Address: Rua Hilário Ribeiro ,290 - Moinho de Vento - Curitiba - PR - Brasil

Armazém Santo Antonio
The ranch ambiance is harmoniously combined with the menu. Taste the main course, the spaghetti di raul with prawns, tomatoes, seeds and herbs. Other suggestion is the picadito paulista.

Atelier de Massas
For starting, it is suggested a visit to the cold buffet, they are nearly one hundred items, as cheese, seafood, canned food and sandwiches. The main dish is the cansonsei a dos santos, stuffed with vegetables and sausage with sauce.
Address: Rua Riachuelo ,1482 - Centro - Curitiba - PR - Brazil

Avenida Paulista Pizza Bar
It offers the Neapolitan pizza, with thick and crunchy brims, different form the traditional pizza, thin and without brims as the fiorela pizza. It is filled with muzarella cheese, endive, garlic and dried tomatoes.

Babilônia Gastronomia & Cia
For lunch and dinner time, the bistro menu has delicious specialties as sushi bar and the varied international dishes. Sandwich prepared by its chef, pastries and meats as the traditional ossobuco with polenta or fettuccine.

The meat, most of them imported from Argentina. They are served á la carte. Among the meats are: rump cover, lamb and so on, served with farofa and fried yucca. A suggestion for tasting is the main course: abundant couvert.

Bar do Victor
The classic recipes of Curitiba gastronomy are the casquinha of siri and the braçadinhos prawns, are prepared by Eva dos Santos chef. Francisco Urban´s son-in-law was who prepared the dishes.

Bistrô da Marina
As main dish, we have the steak salmon, potatoes with mirro and lemon sauces. Other very required dish is the steak with cream sauce with julienne of vegetables, rice and rosemary.
Address: Rua do Pescador ,22 - Arquipélago - Curitiba - PR - Brazil

French kitchen, with regional elements. Casserole of octopus with tomatoes and mushroom. T-bone of wild boar and lombo. Attends: from Monday to Friday from 12h/14h30 and 19h30/24 hours.

Cantinho do Eisbein
German kitchen, the specialty of the eisbein roast or kassler smoked with chucrute and sausage. Other sugest of home is the marreco to stuff with cabbage and mashed apples.
Address: Av. Dos Estados, 863, Água Verde - Curitiba - PR - Brazil.

Capoani Caffe
The Restaurante Capoani Caffe itself in contemporary kitchen. Bistro´s Environment and recipes creatives. Foie Gras, Filet Mingnon of javali with risoto and prickly pear . Attends: mon 12:00/15:00; thu/sat 12:00/15:00, 19:00/23:30.
Address: R. Com. Araújo 906, Batel - Curitiba - PR - Brazil.

Casa de Portugal
The main dish is the cod, there are 17 kinds. For starting, we offer you the bolinho of cod, preferred by the clients. The cod with cream and the zé do pipo cód are suggestions as main dish. Don´t forget to taste the Santa Clara pies.
Address: Avenida João Pessoa ,579 - Cidade Baixa - Curitiba - PR - Brazil

Chalet Suisse
Varied recepies. Classic dishes inspired in French and swiss culinary. Nice environment with chimneys and faint lights. Lamb with curry sauce. Prawn in curry sauce and Ajoporo Prawn. Orange duck. Attention : Monday to Saturday since 19:00 to 24:00
Address: Rua Francisco Dallalibera 1428, Sta. Felicidade - Curitiba - Parana - Br

Chopp Stübel
It is a house placed in the corner, has enxaimel style, and is located in one of the most traditional places of the German cooking. Its most traditional dish is the steak with cream sauce, with sliced German potato and seasoned with bacon and onion.
Address: Rua Quintino Bocaiúva ,940 - Moinhos de Vento - Curitiba - PR - Brazil

Don Francesco
The rodizio begins with breads, Italian salami, cheese, eggplant with dry tomatoes and cheese pie. Then, we serve you soup of capelete. The galeto ao primo canto is accompanied with combination salad, chop and radicchio with bacon.
Address: Rua Quintino Bocaiúva ,1669 - Bela Vista - Curitiba - PR - Brazil

Ucranian. Slavic Banquet (Ucranian, Russian and Polish recepies).Borcht (beterraga soup with pork ribs).Platzki(potatoes panqueques) and Pierogi or Varenike (potatoes stuffed pie). Attend: Tue to Sat since 11:30 to 14:30, 19:30 to 23:30, Sund 11:30/16h.
Address: Av. Jaime Reis 254, S. Francisco - Curitiba - Parana - Br

El Toro
The kebabs with portions of 400 grams of meat are the best of the "micro steak house". Cutlet, miñon chop, sausages, leg of pork, picanha of meat and lamb are the most preferred dishes.
Address: Rua Silva Jardim ,311- Mont'Serrat - Curitiba - PR - Brazil

Estrela da Terra
Typical Paranaense food
Address: Rua Jaime Reis, 176 - Largo da Ordem - Curitiba - PR - Brasil

Gokan Sushi
One of the attractions of this place is the beautiful furniture with sofas and pufes, and selected music by the house´s DJ. It is an entertainment option; the restaurant is a meeting place for talking with friends and having a Happy hour.
Address: Alameda Sebastião de Brito ,24 - Boa Vista - Curitiba - PR - Brasil

Grimpa Steak House
The steal house created four cuts of meats in 2008, now are 19 varieties. In the salads buffet, there are not only salads, even hot dishes, pastries, risottos and Brazilian specialties as the "grimpa" kidney bean

Ile de France
The main dishes are: the posion congre aux raisins (conger´s fillet with sausage of grapes and raisins). Other novelty option is the canar aux framboise, duck leg cooked with its own fat with raspberry sausage.

Lagundri Bistrô
The pla neung manao is the main dish. It contains fish cooked with oyster´s sauce, lime leaves, ginger, capin limao, pepper and coriander; served with thai jasmine rice and broccolis.

Madero The Best Burguer in The World
It has a new address, where there is grill bar. The hamburgers au gratin is the main ingredient of the sandwich. It is cooked with 260 grams of meat, gratiné and roasted, making this have better aroma.

 Picanha Brava
The dishes contain barbecued meat with paris mushrooms, gorgonzola, and chimichurri sausage. Start tasting the steak tartar, a french recipe that consist of the raw rump over and grinded, seasoned and served with gratiné bread.

Saanga Grill
All meat is sold by weight, the starters are chosen separately. The starter options are wild boar, ostrich and the famous palm heart

Terra Madre Ristorante
The best option to begin tasting is the brabdade of cod with oil and crunchy garlic. The main dish is the ravioli of lamb with sausage of dried figs and port wine.

Villa Marcolini
The starter suggestion is the coated in batter artichoke in a crunchy of brioche, served with pieces of Fontina cheese and garlic. Then you can taste the ossobuco of viteli with risotto milanes.

Zea Maïs
The menu is created by Joy Perine chef. The suggested starter is goat cheese with gratiné bread and tomatoes. It is worth tasting the gnocchi of roots(cooked with English potatoes, yucca, mushrooms and truffles aroma.

Restaurants in Cuiaba

Most of Cuiabá's better restaurants are located in the Goiabeiras neighborhood, conveniently located close to the city's hotels. Cuiabá's a bit far from the sea.

Peixaria Popular
(Av. S. Sebastião 2324, Goiabeiras; tel. 065/3322-5471)
offers fish from the great inland fishery of the Pantanal. Pintado, dourado, paçu, and piraputanga are served up grilled, fried, or in filets.

Getulio Grill
(Av. Getulio Vargas 1147, across from Praça Santos Dumont; tel. 067/3624-9992)
offers steak and excellent local fish dishes. Piraputanga is a less-known local fish, served stuffed with palm hearts. At night, it's also a popular local tavern.

Mercearia da Pizza
(Av. Filinto Muller 840; tel. 065/3623-0800) is the best pizza place in town

Taberna Portuguesa
(Av. Ipiranga 560; tel. 065/3321-3661)
specializes in hearty Portuguese fare. Think codfish and potatoes

Restaurants in Brasilia

Putting at your service its Digs of Wines, stupendous service and quality, is the Alice Restaurant, specialized in French kitchen.
Address: Sec. de Hab. Indiv. Norte, Ql.11 –cj.9–casa 17–Lago Norte- Brasilia -DF- Brasil

The Restaurant Babel specializes itself in contemporary kitchen, offering good service in welcoming environments; combines in its dishes oriental ingredients as the westerners for the delight of the member of a household.
Address: Comercio Local Sul, qd.215, bl.A, Ij.37 - Brasilia - DF - Brasil

The Restaurant Bargaço specialized in food Baiana, with service from 12 to 24 hras. Having a subsidiary in the QL-10 (Pontão do Lago Sul).
Address: Comercio Local Sul, qd.405, bl.D, Ij.36 - Brasilia - DF - Brasil

The Belini Restaurant offers the best of the Italian kitchen.
Address: Comercio Local Sul, qd.113 - bl.D - lj.36 - Brasilia - DF - Brasil

Casa do Bacalhau
The Casa do Bacalhau Restaurant offers the best of the Portuguese kitchen. .
Address: Comércio Local Sul, qd.407 - bl.C - lj.30- Brasilia -DF- Brasil

Chão Nativo
The Chão Native Restaurant, modest establishment that offers reasonable prices.
Address: Sector de Indústrias Gráficas, qd.3 - bl.B - lj.16 -Brasilia -DF- Brasil

Dom Francisco
The Dom Francisco Restaurant offers a varied culinary sample that will allow you to recover of your sport activities, because it is located in a Tennis Academy.
Address: Sector de Clubes Sul, trecho 4, cj.5 - lt.1-B - Brasilia - DF - Brasil

Dom Francisco do Lago
The Dom Francisco do Lago Restaurant is part of the Asbac Club, offers variety in foods.
Address: Sector de Clubes Sul, trecho 2, cj.31 - Clube Asbac- Brasilia - DF - Brasil

Dudu Camargo
In one of the most elegant constructions in the city is the Dudu Camargo Restaurante, offering among their culinary specialties the Lamb to the Cream of Cassis.
Address: Comercio Local Sul, qd.303 - bl.A - lj.3 - Brasilia - DF - Brasil

Fratello Uno
The Fratello Uno Pizzeria, with branch office in Comércio Local Sul, qd. 109 - bl.D - lj. 19 in the Terraço Shopping
Address: Comercio Local Sul, qd.103 - bl.A - lj.36 - Brasilia - DF - Brasil

Restaurant specialized in German kitchen, with service from 12 to 24 hras in Saturday and Sundays from 12 to 17 hras
Address: Comercio Local Sul, qd.404, bl.D, Ij.35

I Maestri
The I Maestri Restaurant offers varied food, in welcoming atmospheres.
Address: SHT Norte, trecho 1-lt.2-Cond. Lakeside-Brasilia -DF- Brasil

La Chaumière
The La Chaumière Restaurant is a sample of the tradition in the French kitchen, emphasizing in its menu the Filé Mignon.
Address: Comercio Local Sul, qd.408 - bl.A - lj. 13 - Brasilia - DF - Brasil

La Torreta
Specialists in Spanish kitchen, the La Torreta Restaurant, has a good level of service, with 14 types of Tapas, Menu Dishes and aperitifs to accompany beverages
Address: Comercio Local Sul, qd.402, bl.A, Ij.9 - Brasilia - DF - Brasil

Restaurant specialized in Arab kitchen, with service from 12 to 16 hras Saturdays and Sundays from 19 to 24 hras. The most requested dishes are based on ram.
Address: Comercio Local Sul, qd.404, bl.D, Ij.35 - Brasilia - DF - Brasil

The Lake's Restaurant offers varied food, in welcoming atmospheres.
Address: Comercio Local Sul, qd.402 - bl.C - lj.15 - Brasilia - DF - Brasil

Le Français
Le Français Restaurant, specialized in French kitchen, offers among its specialties Confit of Duck with Purée of Damascuses, Pheasant to Wine with Sauce of Currant and Rabbit stew to Wine with Sauce of Plums.
Address: Comercio Local Sul, qd.404 - bl.B - lj. 27 - Brasilia - DF - Brasil

The Mouraria Restaurant offers of the Portuguese food.
Address: Comercio Local Sul, qd.404 - bl.B - lj.33/35 - Brasilia - DF - Brasil

The Nippon Restaurant specializes in Japanese food, its schedules from Monday to Saturday are from 12 to 14:30 hras and from 19 to 23 hras and Sundays from 12 to 16:30 hras. It serves alone lunches buffet.
Address: Comércio Local Sul, qd.403 - bl.A - lj.28- Brasilia -DF- Brasil

Norton Grill
The Norton Grill Restaurant specialized in meats, offers comfortable installations, to reasonable prices, besides counts on own parking.
Address: SHS - Qd.6 - Bl.D - Hotel Meliá Brasilia

O Convento
Of Tuesday to Saturday the schedule of attention is from 12 to 15:30hrs. and of 20 at 24hrs.; on Sundays of 12 at 17hrs. Previous reservation enjoyed the good service and comfortable facilities of the O Convent Restaurant.
Address: Sec. de Hab. Indiv. Sul, Ql.9 –cj.9–casa 4 - Brasilia -DF- Brasil

Palace Long Xiang
Specialized in Chinese food, the Palace Long Xiang Restaurant, has a good level of service to reasonable prices.
Address: Sector de Clubes Sul, trecho 4, It.1-B - Brasilia - DF - Brasil

Park Chopp
Cold chopp, the most completed grilled chicken of the region; we offer varied dishes like grilled picanha and variety of starters. The saturdays we serve feijoada. It is the perfect place for families.
Address: S.G.C.V.S Nº 6580 lote 9 - Asa sul - Brasilia - DF - Brazil

Patu Anú
Previous reservation the Patu Anú Restaurant waits for you; it offers creative recipes, some with the marked presence of very typical ingredients of the country.
Address: Setor de Mansões do Lago Norte, trecho 12 - cj.1 - casa 7- Brasilia -DF- Brasil

The Piantella Restaurante assists from Monday to Saturday from 12 to 16hrs and of 19 at 1:30hrs; on Sundays of 12 at 17hrs. Offering a service of varied food.
Address: Comercio Local Sul, qd.202 - bl.A - lj.34 - Brasilia - DF - Brasil

Porcão - Rodízio
The Porcão – Rodízio Restaurant specialized in meats, offers comfortable installations, counts on digs of wines, service of sommelier, besides own parking.
Address: Sector de Clubes Sul, trecho 2, cj.35, It.2B

The Sagres Restaurant specializes in Portuguese food, its schedules from Tuesday to Saturday are from 12 to 24 hras and Sundays from 12 to 18 hras.
Address: Comércio Local Norte, qd.316 - bl.E - lj.24- Brasilia -DF- Brasil

The Spettus – Rodízio Restaurant specialized in meats, own parking and good quality in services.
Address: SHS, Qd.5, Bl.E - Brasilia - DF - Brasil

The Taiyo Restaurant specialized in Japanese food, offers its services from Monday to Friday in the following schedules: 12 to 15 hras and from 19 to 24 hras and Saturdays from 19 to 24 hras.
Address: SHN - qd.2 - bl.A - Brasilia -DF- Brasil

Trattoria da Rosario
The Trattoria da Rosario Restaurant puts at your service the best of the Italian kitchen.
Address: Sec. de Hab. Indiv. Sul, Ql.17 –bl.H–lj.215- Brasilia -DF- Brasil

Restaurants in Belo Horizonte

A Favorita
The starter suggestion is the mushroom mix (porto belo, shimejie de Paris) creamy with butter of fruits and poached egg. Main dish: cherne on crust of sausage and siliciano lemon with mustard, with potatoes and spinach.
Address: Rua Santa Catarina ,1235 - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil

Acervo da Carne
At lunch time, on Friday, the restaurant is very frequented by executive people, and on Saturday and Sunday it receives families. At night, the cold weather and the low light create a romantic ambiance appropriated for couples.
Address: Rua da Saudade ,169 - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil

Adega do Sul
The Adega do Sul Restaurant is specialized in rodízio of meats and it possesses dig of wines. With own parking, its assists from Monday to Saturday from 12:00 to 16:00 and of 18:00 to 24:00 and Sunday of 12:00 at 18:30 hours.
Address: Av do Contorno, 8835 - Gutierrez - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brasil

Specialized in food from Bahia, Alguidares Restaurant is open from Monday to Friday from 19:00 to 00:00 and from Thursday to Sunday from 12:00 to 15:00 and from 19:00 to 00:00 hours.
Address: R Pium-í, 1037 - Anchieta - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brasil

In comfortable environment, the Ambrosio's Restaurant offers rodízio of meats and puts at your disposal the dig of wines of the house. Its assists from 12:00 to 24:00 hours.
Address: Av Getúlio Vargas, 880 - Savassi - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brasil

The Badejo Restaurant is specialized in capixaba kitchen. With own parking, its assists from Tuesday to Friday from 12:00 to 15:00 and of 18:00 at 23:30, Saturday of 12:00 to 23:30 and Sunday of 12:00 at 17:00 hours.
Address: R Rio Grande do Norte, 836 - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brasil

Café do Museu
Among the main international dishes, the start suggestion is the saucepan full of vegetables for two persons. The main dish is the tuna on crust of herbs with musselini de baroa and Dijon mustard.
Address: Avenida Prudente de Morais ,202 - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil

Dona Derna
The menu offers pastry, meats, fish, crustacean, and birds´ meat. Among the main dishes are the cod of Doña Derna, with vegetables, broccolis, onion and red pepper. El Vulcano is one of the most preferred deserts.
Address: Rua Tomé de Souza ,1343 - 2º piso - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil

Dona Lucinha
Chicken with ora-pro-nobis, tropeiro, salads, cold cutlet and ox tail with watercress are the most outstanding recipes. The moranga with shred meat is the new menu. On Saturday, there is feijoada.
Address: Rua Sergipe ,811 - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil

Fiesta Brava
The Fiesta Brava Restaurant is specialized in meats. With own parking, its assists Monday and Tuesday from 11:30 to 15:00, of Wednesday to Friday of 11:30 at 15:00 and of 18:30 at 23:30, Saturday of 12:00 to 24:00, and Sunday of 12:00 at 17:00 hours.
Address: Av Sta Rosa, 538 - Belo Horiozonte - MG - Brasil

Fogo de Chão
The cutlets are cooked during five hours before being barbecued. In the middle, the buffet has cold dishes as endive, green asparagus, shiitake mushrooms and other hot dishes.
Address: Rua Sergipe ,1208 - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil

Haus München
Haus München Restaurant is specialized in German cuisine and also in marks of beer, besides possessing a digs of wines. It works from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 15:00 and from 18:00 to 1:00, Saturday from 12:00 to 1:00 and Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00 h
Address: R Juiz de Fora, 1257 - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brasil

Marília Pizzeria
It is very frequented by young public, of 35 years old; its tables let to share with friends and are appropriated for couples. All pizzas are well served, with six pieces, baked in oven.
Address: Rua Montes Claros ,526 - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brasil

Osteria Mattiazzi
It offers specialties as the tagliatelle al nero with squids, one of the most preferred ones is the steamed cavaquinha with tagliolino and lemon. The chef´s suggestive menu is the carpaccio of prawns with oil of anchovies, wild rucula and mushrooms.
Address: Rua Soledade ,28 - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil

The specialty of the Paladino Restaurant is the Brazilian cuisine. With own parking, its assists from Wednesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 16:00 and of 18:00 at 24:00 hours. Sunday assists from 12:00 to 18:00 hours.
Address: Av Gildo Macedo Lacerda, 300 - Braúnas/Pampulha - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brasil

Parrilla del Mercado
The Parrilla del Mercado Restaurant specializes in meats. Assists from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 to 1:30 and Sunday of 11:00 at 19:00 hours.
Address: R Ouro Fino, 452, lj 14 -Mercado do Cruz. -Cruzeiro- Belo Horizonte -MG- Brasil

The international gastronomy is the inspiration of Clovis Vianna chef in dishes, served in a wide room or in tables on the sidewalk full of trees. Main dish: steak au poivre, parmentier of leg of lamb with green pepper.
Address: Avenida Bernardo Monteiro ,1548 - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil

Speciali Pizza Bar
The clients mix the pizza with a happy hour. Taste the special margherita that has green dough made of manjericao, exclusiveness of the house. The rounded pizza has buffalo mozzarella cheese, tomato, apple, parmesano cheese and manjericao.
Address: Rua Fernandes Tourinho ,805 - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brasil

Splendido Ristorante
One of the attractions of the restaurant is the wine list; among the starters are the crispy vieiras with sausage of cauliflower. Main dish: ravioli of hen d´angola with its own sauce and black truffle.
Address: Rua Levindo Lopes ,251 - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil
Sushi Naka
Some of the main dishes of the restaurant are the sashimi of lobster, Yoshitada only prepares the lobster sausage in less than three days and they weight 800 gr and 1.2kg for guarantee the taste.
Address: Rua Gonçalves Dias ,92 - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil

Sushi Thai
Sushi Thai Restaurant is specialized in Asian cuisine. Open from Monday to Friday from 18:00 to 00:00 and Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 00:00 hours
Address: R Grão-Mogol, 564 - Carmo - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brasil

Taste Vin
The liking for the wines and the gastronomy of the chef and owner Rodrigo Fonseca didn´t arise in his family, as usually happen with most of the chefs. Rodrigo Fonseca is ahead of Taste Vin and cooks the dishes and train to the employees.
Address: Rua Curitiba ,2105 - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil

Vecchio Sogno
The starter suggestion is the crespelle di pere con scaloppina di foie gras e sugo di bergamotta (pancake of pear with escalope of foie grass and tangerine). Main dish: carré d´angnello with risotto in veste di lenticchia di puy.
Address: Rua Martim de Carvalho ,75 - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil

Vila Árabe
The Arabian Lebanese inspiration of the house runs in the family. Among the buffet varieties are typical food, fish, red meat and salads. Curd, babaghanoush, Arabian aubergine, quibe and charutos are the most traditional recipes.
Address: Rua Pernambuco ,781 - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil

The Vitelo's Restaurant is specialized in meats. Its assists from Tuesday to Thursday from 18:00 to 1:00, Friday of 12:00 at 15:00 and of 18:00 at 1:00, Saturday of 12:30 to 24:00 and Sunday of 12:00 at 17:30 hours.
Address: Av Francisco Deslandes, 104 - Anchieta - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brasil

The main cooked dish is "mineirinho from start to finish" (cutlet of pork with liquor of pequi with fried angu, rice, kidney bean and chard). Other excellent options are the chicken on green sausage with angu, quiabo, chucho, rice and kidney bean.
Address: Rua Mandacaru ,260 - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil

Yun Ton
The specialty of the Yun Ton Restaurant is the Chinese food. With own parking, assists from Monday to Friday from 11:30 to 14:30 and of 18:30 at 23:30, Saturday of 11:30 to 00:30 and Sunday of 11:00 at 23:00 hours.
Address: R Sta Catarina, 946 - Lourdes - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brasil