Monday, August 9, 2010

Bahia Arena, Fonte Nova Stadium salvador

The Salvador Arena is the name of the stadium that is due to replace the Fonte Nova Stadium, in coming years, as the largest footballing stage in the State of Bahia. Apart from the 2014 World Cup, the stadium is also being considered for use in the Olympic Games of 2016, as Salvador was mentioned by the Brazilian Olympic Committee as one of the five State Capitals that would be hosting games of the Olympic football tournament.
To take part in the most prestigious sporting events in the world, the Brazilian Government has decided on the total demolition of the Octávio Mangabeira Stadium, situated on the banks of the Tororó Dyke. In its place, there shall be the construction of a modern arena, meeting the standards set by the International Football Federation (FIFA), conceived by the São Paulo firm Setepla Tecnometal together with German firm Schülitz + Partner.
This demolition, however, shall not entirely wipe out the history of the Fonte Nova Stadium. The Government wants to erect a memorial in honourhonor of the victims of the accident in 2007, which killed seven supporters after part of the stands collapsed. In addition, the new arena shall keep the oval geometry and the wide South opening, conceived by modernist architect Diógenes Rebouças in the 1940s. “We could just get a standard project, in the shape of a television, and put it there.


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