Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mineirao Stadium, Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte is the only major city in the country whose top clubs do not have a stadium medium size. Opened in 1965, the Governor Magalhaes Pinto Stadium, better known as Mineirão is owned by the state government, and has capacity for 81 000 people. His attendance record was in 1997 when 132,800 spectators followed the game in the Vila Nova Cruzeiro won by 1-0. In retirement, he can meet the FIFA and the sporting potential of the city, characterized by the existence of a paying audience able to give economic support to the stadium. Citing as an example only, of the 57,000 tickets available for the game between Brazil and Argentina in June 2008, 52 500 were sold, with total income of $ 6.6 million, which means an average value per ticket R $ 125.75.

Belo Horizonte has a history of large public and income in the Mineirão. But there are several interventions to adapt to the demands of FIFA Mineirão, mostly related to problems of visibility and safety. A strengthening of pillars and spring was implemented to sustain the upper bleachers, but spoils the view from the bleachers to the field below. There are also scores on the bleachers and railings on the separation of the fans, which compromises visibility in various parts of the stadium.

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