Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Morumbi Stadium, sao paulo

The Estadio do Morumbi opened in 1960 yet it wasn’t fully finished until 1970. Its formal name comes from the Sao Paulo FC chairman who was in charge of the team during the majority of the construction. The stadium, unlike so many in Brazil is owned by the team and not by the state. The first match staged at the ground was between Sao Paulo and Sporting Lisbon of Portugal and the Brazilian side ran out winners by a goal to nil. In 1970 the stadium was finally completed and the capacity rose to 140,000. The Attendance record was set in 1977 when over 138,000 people filed in to watch Corinthians defeat Ponte Preta. As well as being home to Sao Paulo, the Morumbi Stadium has hosted some of the worlds biggest music stars including The Rolling Stones, Queen, U2 and Michael Jackson.

Although there are proposals to build a new stadium in Sao Paulo, especially for the 2014 World Cup, the Cicero Pompeu de Toledo, owned by the São Paulo Futebol Clube in Morumbi, is the most suitable to host the games of the event, since could easily accommodate more than 60,000 fans inside the standards of comfort for the cup. The project to adapt to the demands of Morumbi FIFA is already being drawn up and given the potential of sport and spectacle of the city, may be wholly undertaken by the private sector.

However, the biggest problems are outside the stadium, the difficulties of access and parking problems currently affecting the city of São Paulo. To meet the needs of the Cup, the reform project of Morumbi includes the construction of a building to 4,800 cars. But as the work has to be built in the public area, granting the city depends upon bidding. An alternative would be to build a parking garage near the new subway station, in Vila Sônia, functioning as a transfer point. St. Paul has extensive experience in planning and operation of transit for major events, from the organization to Formula 1 and this model is being built by Fifa. The challenge is to solve the issue of parking within a more general and not just for attending games and events held in Morumbi.

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