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Restaurants in Curitiba

A Torta Bistrô
It is only one of the modifications introduced by the new owner. The executive buffet includes twelve salads, fifteen hot dishes, two kinds of meat and a fish option, and several sauces, as the foie gras.
Address: Rua Padre Chagas ,217 - Moinho de Vento - Curitiba - PR - Brazil

Al Dente
One of the starter options is the caprese salad, with tomatoes, mozzarella, oregano and olive oil. Among the main dishes are the spaghetti al dente covered by vodka sausage, mushrooms and cream for two persons.
Address: Rua Mata Bacelar ,210 - Auxiliadora - Curitiba - Brazil

Among the novelties, the suggestion is the salad with quinua real na morango, with pears, smoked breast, raisins and chestnuts. The jelly role of carrot is also preferred, broccolis, cheeses, apple pies and so on.
Address: Rua Hilário Ribeiro ,290 - Moinho de Vento - Curitiba - PR - Brasil

Armazém Santo Antonio
The ranch ambiance is harmoniously combined with the menu. Taste the main course, the spaghetti di raul with prawns, tomatoes, seeds and herbs. Other suggestion is the picadito paulista.

Atelier de Massas
For starting, it is suggested a visit to the cold buffet, they are nearly one hundred items, as cheese, seafood, canned food and sandwiches. The main dish is the cansonsei a dos santos, stuffed with vegetables and sausage with sauce.
Address: Rua Riachuelo ,1482 - Centro - Curitiba - PR - Brazil

Avenida Paulista Pizza Bar
It offers the Neapolitan pizza, with thick and crunchy brims, different form the traditional pizza, thin and without brims as the fiorela pizza. It is filled with muzarella cheese, endive, garlic and dried tomatoes.

Babilônia Gastronomia & Cia
For lunch and dinner time, the bistro menu has delicious specialties as sushi bar and the varied international dishes. Sandwich prepared by its chef, pastries and meats as the traditional ossobuco with polenta or fettuccine.

The meat, most of them imported from Argentina. They are served á la carte. Among the meats are: rump cover, lamb and so on, served with farofa and fried yucca. A suggestion for tasting is the main course: abundant couvert.

Bar do Victor
The classic recipes of Curitiba gastronomy are the casquinha of siri and the braçadinhos prawns, are prepared by Eva dos Santos chef. Francisco Urban´s son-in-law was who prepared the dishes.

Bistrô da Marina
As main dish, we have the steak salmon, potatoes with mirro and lemon sauces. Other very required dish is the steak with cream sauce with julienne of vegetables, rice and rosemary.
Address: Rua do Pescador ,22 - Arquipélago - Curitiba - PR - Brazil

French kitchen, with regional elements. Casserole of octopus with tomatoes and mushroom. T-bone of wild boar and lombo. Attends: from Monday to Friday from 12h/14h30 and 19h30/24 hours.

Cantinho do Eisbein
German kitchen, the specialty of the eisbein roast or kassler smoked with chucrute and sausage. Other sugest of home is the marreco to stuff with cabbage and mashed apples.
Address: Av. Dos Estados, 863, Água Verde - Curitiba - PR - Brazil.

Capoani Caffe
The Restaurante Capoani Caffe itself in contemporary kitchen. Bistro´s Environment and recipes creatives. Foie Gras, Filet Mingnon of javali with risoto and prickly pear . Attends: mon 12:00/15:00; thu/sat 12:00/15:00, 19:00/23:30.
Address: R. Com. Araújo 906, Batel - Curitiba - PR - Brazil.

Casa de Portugal
The main dish is the cod, there are 17 kinds. For starting, we offer you the bolinho of cod, preferred by the clients. The cod with cream and the zé do pipo cód are suggestions as main dish. Don´t forget to taste the Santa Clara pies.
Address: Avenida João Pessoa ,579 - Cidade Baixa - Curitiba - PR - Brazil

Chalet Suisse
Varied recepies. Classic dishes inspired in French and swiss culinary. Nice environment with chimneys and faint lights. Lamb with curry sauce. Prawn in curry sauce and Ajoporo Prawn. Orange duck. Attention : Monday to Saturday since 19:00 to 24:00
Address: Rua Francisco Dallalibera 1428, Sta. Felicidade - Curitiba - Parana - Br

Chopp Stübel
It is a house placed in the corner, has enxaimel style, and is located in one of the most traditional places of the German cooking. Its most traditional dish is the steak with cream sauce, with sliced German potato and seasoned with bacon and onion.
Address: Rua Quintino Bocaiúva ,940 - Moinhos de Vento - Curitiba - PR - Brazil

Don Francesco
The rodizio begins with breads, Italian salami, cheese, eggplant with dry tomatoes and cheese pie. Then, we serve you soup of capelete. The galeto ao primo canto is accompanied with combination salad, chop and radicchio with bacon.
Address: Rua Quintino Bocaiúva ,1669 - Bela Vista - Curitiba - PR - Brazil

Ucranian. Slavic Banquet (Ucranian, Russian and Polish recepies).Borcht (beterraga soup with pork ribs).Platzki(potatoes panqueques) and Pierogi or Varenike (potatoes stuffed pie). Attend: Tue to Sat since 11:30 to 14:30, 19:30 to 23:30, Sund 11:30/16h.
Address: Av. Jaime Reis 254, S. Francisco - Curitiba - Parana - Br

El Toro
The kebabs with portions of 400 grams of meat are the best of the "micro steak house". Cutlet, miñon chop, sausages, leg of pork, picanha of meat and lamb are the most preferred dishes.
Address: Rua Silva Jardim ,311- Mont'Serrat - Curitiba - PR - Brazil

Estrela da Terra
Typical Paranaense food
Address: Rua Jaime Reis, 176 - Largo da Ordem - Curitiba - PR - Brasil

Gokan Sushi
One of the attractions of this place is the beautiful furniture with sofas and pufes, and selected music by the house´s DJ. It is an entertainment option; the restaurant is a meeting place for talking with friends and having a Happy hour.
Address: Alameda Sebastião de Brito ,24 - Boa Vista - Curitiba - PR - Brasil

Grimpa Steak House
The steal house created four cuts of meats in 2008, now are 19 varieties. In the salads buffet, there are not only salads, even hot dishes, pastries, risottos and Brazilian specialties as the "grimpa" kidney bean

Ile de France
The main dishes are: the posion congre aux raisins (conger´s fillet with sausage of grapes and raisins). Other novelty option is the canar aux framboise, duck leg cooked with its own fat with raspberry sausage.

Lagundri Bistrô
The pla neung manao is the main dish. It contains fish cooked with oyster´s sauce, lime leaves, ginger, capin limao, pepper and coriander; served with thai jasmine rice and broccolis.

Madero The Best Burguer in The World
It has a new address, where there is grill bar. The hamburgers au gratin is the main ingredient of the sandwich. It is cooked with 260 grams of meat, gratiné and roasted, making this have better aroma.

 Picanha Brava
The dishes contain barbecued meat with paris mushrooms, gorgonzola, and chimichurri sausage. Start tasting the steak tartar, a french recipe that consist of the raw rump over and grinded, seasoned and served with gratiné bread.

Saanga Grill
All meat is sold by weight, the starters are chosen separately. The starter options are wild boar, ostrich and the famous palm heart

Terra Madre Ristorante
The best option to begin tasting is the brabdade of cod with oil and crunchy garlic. The main dish is the ravioli of lamb with sausage of dried figs and port wine.

Villa Marcolini
The starter suggestion is the coated in batter artichoke in a crunchy of brioche, served with pieces of Fontina cheese and garlic. Then you can taste the ossobuco of viteli with risotto milanes.

Zea Maïs
The menu is created by Joy Perine chef. The suggested starter is goat cheese with gratiné bread and tomatoes. It is worth tasting the gnocchi of roots(cooked with English potatoes, yucca, mushrooms and truffles aroma.

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