Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Restaurants in Fortaleza

A Tasca do Marques
The traditional bolinho of cod is a good starter. There are also Portuguese sausage with black olives and Portuguese bread. Then, the suggestion is the fried seafood (octopus, prawns, lobsters and fish) with caper sausage.
Address: Rua dos Tabajaras ,429 - casa 2 - Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

Ai Sassi
The peixada d´icarema consists on seafood cooked in special sausage and is served with white rice and soute potato. But the pizzas of fine pastry baked in the wood-fired oven stand out among the specialties.
Address: Rua João Cordeiro ,44 - Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

Alfredo, o Rei da peixada
The restaurant has fifteen years of service, in 2008, one of the reasons to attract to a lot of Brazilian and foreign tourists the whole year for tasting its traditional peixada. Its menu contains varieties of seafood.
Address: Avenida Beira Mar ,4616 - Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

Alpendre da Villa
The snacks suggestion is the filet with potatoes. The "carne de sol" in butter is served with slices of onions and baiao de dois, yucca and pazoca, is one of the most preferred dishes.
Address: Rua Armando Monteiro ,555 - Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

Arabian Grill
It offers sandwiches in Syrian bread, quibes, tabuas, charutis and tabule. Don´t lost the opportunity to eat the traditional Arabian esfihas and the Arabian tabua that it is served with caftas, two Syrian breads, tabule and pasta of grao de bico, aubergin
Address: Av. Washington Soares ,85 - loja 341, Shopping Iguatemi - Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

Cantinho do Faustino
Simple environment, excellent service, creative recipies made of regional ingredients. Kid with brocoli rice, Prawn moqueca and lobster with dendé farofa(tapioca flour with dendé). Open: Tue to Fri since 12h-15h, 19h- 24h, Sat 12h-13h, Sundays 11h-16h.
Address: R. Delmiro Gouveia 1520, Varjota - Fortaleza - Ceara- Brazil

Cemoara Frutos do Mar
Besides the famous moquecas that are prepared according the traditional baiana recipe, the prawn in flambé coconut cooked with coconut milk and fine herbes, is served in the same coconut with creamed potatoes and marmalade of acerola.
Address: Rua Joaquim Nabuco ,166 - Hotel Mercure Meireles - Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

Colher de Pau
Meet speciality, “Carne de sol” fried in butterand served by baiao-de-dois(green beans, rice, cream, and curdle chessee cooked toguether), Lamb-rice and cearense fish other tasty suggestions. Attention: 11:00 to 24:00.
Address: R. Frederico Borges 204, Varjota - Fortaleza - Ceará - Brazil

Le Diner
In the main dishes of the menu, the most traditional dish is the crunchy duck with ginger and colorful rice; this is tasted by the oldest clients. Other suggestion is the pear cooked with honey and cream of mint, and the handmade ice cream.
Address: Avenida Santos Dumont ,3636 - Fortaleza - CE - Brasil

Le Parisien
The chef recommends starting to eat the sauté mussels; then, the duck with sausage of orange juice coated with caramel and risotto of parmesan cheese.
Address: Avenida Júlio Abreu ,131 - Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

Marcel (Hotel Holiday Inn)
Paulisanta house subsidiary famous by its suflés and the classic line menu, the specialities fish and sea fruits as the grilled cooked with butter, garlic and fine herbs.Attentionn: Mon. to Fri. since 12h-14h30, Sat. since 19h-01h and Sun. since 12h-16h.
Address: Raimundo Girao 800, Praia de Iracema - Fortaleza - Ceará - Brazil

Mucuripe Grill
The feijoada of the hotel is famous, includes twenty meats and other delights, among the forty kinds of salads and cheeses. The house adds handmade pastries and risottos to its menu.
Address: Avenida Beira Mar ,3980 - Fortaleza - CE - Brasil

Murano Grill
Its menu contains "bife de chorizo", ojo de, bife de tira, picaña and lamb. They are served with what the client chooses. The suggestions are the biro-biro rice, the spaghetti with garlic, and the risotto of fungi.
Address: Rua Desembargador Moreira ,1763 - Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

Nostradamus (Flat Parthenon Meireles)
Sophisticated environment and a special menu with a contemporary touch. Duck Anatthigh with potatoes cooked in pisstachio nut juice, lightly fried prawn cooked in honey juice and risoto de rúcula oil. Attention Mondays to Saturday since 19:00 to 24:00.
Address: R. Joaquim Nabuco 166, Meireles - Fortaleza - Ceara- Brazil

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