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Restaurants in Salvador

The restaurant ambiance is decorated with old furniture and pictures, is placed in a house of Villa de Arembepe. At night, the romantic ambiance of the mezzanine is appropriated for couples. The starter suggestion is the prawn with tapioca.
Address: Rua do Piruí ,34 - Praia do Piruí, Arembepe - Salvador - BA - Brazil

The Agdá Restaurant is specialized in regional kitchen and has own parking. Its assists Monday from 11:30 to 16:00 and of Tuesday to Sunday of 11.30 at 23:30 hours.
Address: R Orlando Moscoso, 1/Av Ot Mangabeira - Praia dos Artistas- Salvador -BA- Brasil

The Axego Restaurant specializes in regional kitchen. Its assists from 12:00 to 24:00 hours.
Address: R João de Deus, 1, 1º - Pelourinho - Salvador - BA - Brasil

Babagula (Meat)
The restaurant of barbecued meat belong to porcao group has a comfortable bar with events room for executives and flat screen. The attention is fast and functions electronically. At weekend, the waiters attend you offering to 32 meat varieties.
Address: Avenida Octávio Mangabeira ,7689 – Praia do Corsário - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Baby Beef Grill
The special Meats, with cuts and exclusive seasonings, do of the kitchen a true gastronomic exposition.
Address: Centro de Convenções da Bahia, 1. piso - Jd. Armação - Savador - BA

The typical nor east food of Brazil is the strong of the house. Has the Moqueca of shrimp, the grill mixt of fish and the Moqueca mixt of badejo and lobster. The style of the restaurant is modern, and the decoration is made of wood and has a garden.
Address: Rua P, Quadra 43, lotes 18 e 19 - Jd. Armação – Savador - BA

It was founded 40 years ago, and continues being a referent point. The privileged location, the view to the Farol de la Barra, makes this a crowded place at dusk. The menu consists of typical dishes, and some international specialties.
Address: Avenida Oceânica ,814 - Barra - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Bêco de Rosália
The menu consists of eleven pizza varieties and other food like soups and snacks. The pizza dough is original. We suggest you taste the pepperoni pizza with red pepper and muzarella cheese.
Address: Rua General Labatut ,137 - Barris - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Bella Napoli (Italian food)
It has a pleasant ambiance, good attention and well done dishes.
Address: Alameda das Espatódeas ,491 – Caminho das Arvores - BA - Brazil

Bistrô PortoSol (Australian- Hungarian)
The kitchen is overlooking the restaurant, is decorated with fifties films posters. The main specialty is ham with potatoes and spicy mashes apples. The menu also consists of vegetarian recipes like gulash of mushrooms.
Address: Rua César Zama ,51 - Porto da Barra - Barra - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Boi Preto (Meat)
The restaurant waiters will offer you risottos of prawns and fillet with mushrooms, and 20 kinds of meat. The novelty dishes are “french rack” of lamb and the exotic ostrich thighs with barbecue sauce.
Address: Avenida Octávio Mangabeira ,s/nº - Boca do Rio - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Califa (Árabe)
This place offers snacks and Arabian food, stands out in fast food in the shopping. The client can chose a fast food, prepared in the buffet, in the restaurant area; or chose á la carte inside it.
Address: Avenida Centenário ,2992 - Shopping Barra - Barra - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Cheiro de Pizza
The pizza has excellent service to clients. In the store in Pitaba, children have a games room. The menu consists of creating your own pizza recipes.
Address: Avenida Vasco da Gama ,s/nº - Dique do Tororó - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Chez Bernard
Traditional french restaurant, functions since 1963, then was opened once with modern installations.Its architectonic project makes it bigger and has a beautiful view to Bahia de Todos Santos.The main dish suggestion is the duck, one of the french special
Address: Rua Gamboa de Cima,11 – Bairro dos Aflitos - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Conventual (Portuguese)
It is a restaurant in a Carmelita convent of 1956. Its main dish mixes Portuguese contemporary and regional food.
Address: Alameda das Espatódeas 491 – Camino das Árvores - Salvador - BA - Brazil

De Comer
Specialized in regional kitchen, the De Comer Restaurant assists Thursday and Friday from 18:30 to 24:00,
Saturday of 12:00 to 24:00 and Sunday of 12:00 at 20:00 hours. Its also offers transportation to the near hotels.
Address: R Boa Vista, 49 - Itapuã - Salvador - BA - Brasil

Dona Chika-ká
The Dona Chika-ká Restaurant assists from Monday to Saturday from 18:00 to 1:00 hour. Their specialty is the regional kitchen.
Address: R J Castro Rabelo, 10 - Pelourinho - Salvador - BA - Brasil

Graccias a la Vida
It offers delicious food of Bahía/Brazilian, typical dishes.
Address: Loteamento Dourado - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Jardim das Delícias
The Jardim das Delícias Restaurant is specialized in regional kitchen and has pleasant atmosphere. Its assists from 12:00 to 24:00 hours and serves sarapatel, smoky meat, moqueca and cocada of green coconut among other things.
Address: R João de Deus, 12 - Pelourinho - Salvador - BA - Brasil

The Kil's Restaurant is specialized in German cuisine. Its assists from Tuesday to Friday from 16:30 to 24:00, Saturday of 11:00 to 1:00 and Sunday of 11:00 at 20:00 hours.
Address: Av Iemanjá, 37/ Av Otávio Mangabeira - Boca do Rio - Salvador -BA- Brasil

The Matsuri Restaurant is specialized in Asian cuisine and possesses a dig of wines. With own parking, its assists from 12:00 to 24:00 hours.
Address: R Adelaide Fernandes da Costa - Costa Azul - Salvador - BA - Brasil

O Coliseu (Baiana food)
It is a beautiful place for enjoying, taste typical and international food, folkloric shows.
Address: Lgo Cruzeiro São Francisco, 9/ 13 - Pelourinho - Salvador - BA
Paraíso Tropical
The Paraíso Tropical Restaurant is specialized in regional food. Assists from 12:00 to 23:00 hours. Highlight for the moqueca and the caipira chicken.
Address: R Feira de Santana, 354 - Prq. Cruz Aguiar - Rio Vermelho -Salvador- BA - Brasil

The balcony overlooking the sea with colorful large pillows is the most preferred area, considered the best place to taste snacks in the city, the prawns pie with catupiry cheese are crispy, with chop in its traditional size.
Address: Avenida Sete de Setembro, 3959 - Barra - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Piola (Pizzas)
It is in San Salvador city, the restaurant that introduces the modern way to eat pizza, located in a singular construction like a pyramid. You will taste pizza listening electronic music of dance floor.
Address: Rua Conselheiro Pedro Luís ,116 – Rio Vermelho - Salvador - BA - Brazil

Soho (Japonese food)
It offers varied menu, good food, well decorated ambiance, fast attention and wonderful view.
Address: Avenida Contorno,1010 - Bahia Marina - Comercio - Salvador - BA - Brazil
Trapiche Adelaide
The Trapiche Adelaide restaurant has very comfortable environment, dig of wines and own parking. It serves a delicious shrimp with damask sauce, almonds and pineapple
Address: Av Contorno/Pça dos Tupinambás, 2 - C Baixa - Comércio - Salvador - BA - Brasil

Viña del Mar
The Viña del Mar Restaurant serves varied food. It counts with dig of wines and own parking. Assists from Monday to Wednesday from 12 to 17:00, Thursday and Friday of 12 at 16:00 and of 19 at 24:00 hours, Saturday of 12 to 24:00 and Sunday of 12 at 17:00
Address: Av Contorno, 1010 - Bahia Marina - Comércio - Salvador - BA - Brasil

The specialty of the Yemanjá restaurant is the moqueca: special highlights for the shrimp moquecas, fish and pan of shellfish of soft shell (siri-mole). Its assists from 11:30 to 24:00 hours.
Address: Av Otávio Mangabeira, 4655 - Praia de Jd de Armação - Salvador - BA - Brasil

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