Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pantanal Arena, Cuaiba

Cuiabá is developing the project of renewing the Estádio José Fragelli the Verdão, originally built in 1999. It is expected that the work be completed by December 2012 for the completion of the Confederations Cup, and count on investments of $ 350 million. With the reform, the new arena will have capacity for 48,000 fans, and an area with cabins, tribune of honor and press offices.
The state plan for the World Cup in 2014 calls for the establishment of four training centers that would receive the selections scheduled for play in Cuiaba. The centers would be installed in the cities of Chapada dos Guimarães, Baron Melgaço, Lake of the Great Maze and Lowland.
A negative factor in the Cuiaba project is the fragility of the local sports scene, with sets of small public, making it difficult to support the new stadium after the World Cup. The economic viability of the project could be strengthened if the Verdão becomes a multipurpose arena, which can also host concerts and other events of general public. To do this you need to include the route from Cuiaba great international music concerts. The risk is the new stadium the same fate Gym Aecim Tocantins, an investment of $ 26 million it receives few events and was almost closed to sports activities in the community.


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